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Plus Size Suit - Choose a Plus Size Suit That Flatters You

pear shape straight shape apple shape hourglass shape full bust shape

You’ll be happier with your suit if you choose a plus size suit that flatters you. Wearing a suit that brings out your natural style and makes you look great will ensure you get the comments you want to hear every time you walk out the door.

Women will have one out of five different body shapes. Knowing those shapes and being able to identify which body shape you have makes it easy to find the right plus size suit style to fit your body and flatter your shape.

Pear Shape

Women with pear shapes have a full bottom and a smaller top half. Accentuating your top will minimize the bottom half of your body and bring it into alignment. A scoop neckline or square shaped shoulder line will draw the eye upwards. A lace or embroidered collar can accomplish the same thing.

Dark colors are slimming. Pear shaped women look spectacular in a solid dark plus size suit with wide legged straight-cut pants. Colorful scarves can add a splash of color and draw attention away from the bottom half of the body. Add a blouse that shows off your assets to bring the eye up and you’ll have a plus size suit you’ll be proud to wear.

Straight Shape

Women with straight shapes will have little definition between their top and bottom halves. To create the illusion of curves, belted or tied plus size suit styles work best. Empire style seams or wide inset waist styles will also create a curvier look. Fitted vests and suit jackets with a cut in silhouette can give the waistline more definition. A line skirt suits or trouser style suits are other options that will create a flattering look on a woman with this shape.

Wearing a colorful scarf knotted around the neck that matches the shoes on your feet is also another great way to dress up a plus size suit and give the illusion of curves.

Apple Shape

A woman with an apple shape carries her weight around the middle with no discernible waistline. A line shape dress suits are perfect plus size suit styles that flatter an apple shaped woman. Empire waists and swing jackets complement the shape and create visual curves. A line skirts and belled pants help to elongate the body and draw attention away from the waistline.

Accentuate your bust or shoulders with caped collars, intricate embroidery, or blocked colors in the blouse or jacket. Drawing attention visually to the top or bottom half of your body will minimize the waistline and create a look that you will enjoy when wearing your plus size suit.

Hourglass Shape

A woman with a waif look just can’t compete with a woman who has an hourglass shape. Full bust and hips with a defined waistline is what categorizes this body shape. While an A line dress or top will flatter almost any shape, the hourglass shaped woman brings a wow factor to the style. A slightly lower neckline, like a scoop or surplice, will keep you from looking too top heavy and a fitted shaped jacket will define all the curves you want.

Full leg or boot cut pants will keep the lower half of the body in line with the rest and create a great silhouette shape. A classic wrapped dress with a fitted blazer or jacket is a must when looking for a plus size suit for this shape.

Full Bust Shape

Women with the bust measurement being larger than the waist or hip region fall into this shape category. Colors and prints play a large part in keeping your body in balance visually. Jackets and blouses in solid or dark colors on top with a bright or patterned skirt will make the most of the full bust shape. Plus size suits with a fitted blouse and a flared a line skirt or belled pants create a flattering look for a full busted woman and will bring the looks along with it.

Knowing which shape category you fall into will help you choose the best fitting and most flattering plus size suit for you. Playing with colors and accessories like scarves and belts can change up your plus size suit as much as a pair of matching shoes. Play with colors and styles and most of all, enjoy creating a style that flatters you.

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