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Kingston Ddr Memory - Kingston DDR Memory Buying Guide

computer ram data system

Imagine sitting at your computer and trying to open your email, browse the internet, work on a document, have a video file open, and play solitaire all at the same time. If you use your computer a lot, you know that having a lot of programs open like this is a common occurrence and can bog down your computer’s performance, making everything move slowly and unresponsive to your mouse clicks and keyboard button presses. The reason that your computer slows down significantly when a lot of programs are open is that it is running low on system memory or RAM (random access memory). In simple terms, RAM is the temporary workspace that the computer uses to store data that is fed to the processor when programs are running. As soon as the computer is powered down, all of the information stored in RAM will be deleted. Computers have a finite amount of RAM available and once it becomes full as more and more programs use it, your computer can slow down or crash. One way to solve this problem is to install more memory like Kingston DDR memory. Kingston is a leading manufacturer of computer memory and is highly regarded for their superior products and reliability.

If your computer was manufactured in the last 10 years, it will require some form of DDR memory or RAM. DDR stands for Double-Data-Rate and refers to the way in which data is transferred from the RAM to the CPU (central processing unit), the brains of your personal computer. Based on older SDRAM technology, DDR memory is basically a faster variety. SDRAM and all memory in general relies on transferring data using a clock signal, an oscillating signal that synchronizes and coordinates all parts of a circuit when passing data between the memory and the CPU. SDRAM only sent data to the processor on the front half of the oscillation, while Kingston DDR memory sends information on both the front and back halves of the clock oscillation, effectively doubling the data transfer rates available.

Most modern computers and operating systems require a minimum of 1 GB of memory in order to function. If your computer has that amount or less, consider buying more Kingston DDR memory. 2 GB should be sufficient for most users, but 4 GB is even better. Power users will want to buy as much as possible in order to maximize the performance of their systems.

Before upgrading your memory, consult the documentation that came with your computer to see what kind of memory is compatible with your particular motherboard and CPU. Most of the time this can be found in your manual or on the computer company’s web page. If you are still unsure, contact your computer’s manufacturer for more information. There are several kinds of Kingston DDR memory on the market and not all of them are compatible with every system. For example, your computer’s documentation may say that it needs DDR 2 memory that runs at 400 MHz. You will need to buy Kingston DDR memory that fits this specific specification in order for it to work and be compatible in your system.

Next, you will need to find out how many pins the socket for your RAM is on the motherboard. The pin refers to the size of the socket that holds the RAM into the motherboard. Common sizes are 184, 200, and 240. Again, consult your computer’s documentation to find out the number of pins that your stick of Kingston DDR memory needs to be in order to fit inside of your computer. Most computers will use 184 pin RAM.

Another factor that you may want to consider before buying new Kingston DDR memory is the latency of the memory. The latency refers to the amount of time between data transfers and is indicated by a CAS setting. The lower the CAS rating if your memory, the better it will perform. For example, CAS-7 rated Kingston DDR memory will be slower than CAS-2 rated memory. Generally, however, unless you’re a power user that wants to get the most out of his PC, you will never notice the difference.

Finally, if your computer is capable of running in dual channel memory mode, you will want to get two identical sticks of Kingston DDR memory in order to take advantage of this feature. Running in dual channel mode effectively doubles the rate of data transfer from the memory to the CPU, speeding up your system and giving you better performance. Sometimes, if you mix and match sticks of RAM and try to run them in dual channel mode, your system may not work or be stable. If at all possible, buy a dual channel Kingston DDR memory kit in order to be sure that your sticks of RAM will work in tandem with one another.

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