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2 Ring Binder - Using the 2 Ring Binder as an Organizational Tool

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Organizing documentation is a daunting task when there are mass quantities of documents to be stored. This is particularly difficult when physical hard copies of the documents must be kept. For the average consumer, there may not be a need for this type of storage, but for those who have a need, 2 ring binders are a great option. For the crafter, family genealogist or home business owner, 2 ring binders are a life saver.

Many crafters find themselves buried under an abundance of loose leaf patterns, photo-copies and magazines. Using a 2 ring binder system, these items can be stored simply and safely. With the variety of colors offered, it is simple to organize items by craft type or by pattern style. 2 ring binders typically offer some type of space on the spine to label or notate what is contained inside. This makes it easy to find the proper items at a glance. For those worried about punching a hole in magazines or patterns, plastic sleeves are available to hold documents within the binder without damaging them in any way.

Those who are tracking their family heritage may find themselves attempting to organize years and years of documentation. In some instances, the documents may be odd shaped or fragile. Using plastic sleeves to preserve the integrity of the original documents, these papers can be safely stored in 2 ring binders. Binders might be labeled by years or by type of documents. Taking the time to properly store and preserve your documentation will help future family members continue your work.

The home business owner might have a need to store invoices, receipts or other pertinent documentation. Again, these are easily stored and stacked or shelved in a 2 ring binder system. Many binders are made so that the labeling on the spine can changed easily, allowing the binders to be used over and over.

2 ring binders can be found in most office supply stores. They are available in standard size as well as legal size, and typically come in a variety of colors. Most come with a simple one touch lever system, allowing them to be easily opened and closed. Look for models that have a compressor bar to hold documents in place. This bar helps keep page holes from tearing. Many models have a steel reinforced finger hole in the spine, making it easy and convenient to grab a specific binder from the shelf. The design of a 2 ring binder makes it easy to flip through documents whether you are going from top to bottom, or bottom to top. Taking the time to properly store and preserve your important papers, whether for business or personal use, is a worthwhile undertaking. Making sure you have the proper tools to facilitate that task is a step towards success.

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