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Weddings In Vegas - Why Weddings in Vegas Are So Popular

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With staggering statistics rendering Las Vegas to be the wedding capital of the world, convenience, freedom of choice and cost are perhaps the main reasons weddings in Vegas are so popular. For starters, obtaining a marriage license in Las Vegas is pretty straightforward. Both parties must be at least 18 years of age, have a Social Security Number, show appropriate identification, pay in cash, and they are good to wed. There are no blood tests and no waiting period. The license is good for exactly one year from the date of issuance in which you must be married by a licensed or authorized person qualified to perform ceremonies in the State of Nevada.

Las Vegas is probably the first place one thinks of when they consider an elopement wedding rather than a traditional church wedding. The reasons for eloping vary, but commonly couples do not want the expense and hassle of a big wedding, or they merely want to avoid any potential family-drama issues. Some couples choose to get married in Vegas and then have a celebration when they return home. For whatever reason one chooses to elope, if you want a spontaneous wedding that is short and sweet, weddings in Vegas are about as uncomplicated and flexible as a wedding could be.

The majority of wedding chapels in Las Vegas are open year round. While it is beneficial to have a reservation beforehand, in most instances you should be able to book a chapel on short notice. There are even some chapels that will marry you on a walk-in basis. After the couple recites their vows in the presence of a witness provided by the chapel, they are pronounced man and wife and the wedding is a done deal.

Wedding chapels along the Vegas strip do, however, offer more than just a quick “I do” ceremony. Many engaged couples are choosing to forego the demanding and stressful traditional wedding for a hassle-free alternative that is still classy and offers a lot of options. Full-service wedding chapels found in many of the Vegas hotels have an endless selection of cost-effective wedding packages available including a take-home video of your wedding ceremony.

Additionally, many hotels offer intimate reception packages that are well-designed and reasonably priced. Another alternative to consider is a fashionable restaurant that offers private dining or banquette rooms to celebrate your wedding. Perhaps you prefer an extravagant event but do not want to brave it on your own. Most hotels have an in-house wedding coordinator that will set up and manage every detail from flowers, music, candles, photographs, right down to the wedding cake. Renting a tux or wedding gown is also an option as well as limo service. Whether your preference is a simple cake and champagne salute to the bride and groom or a lavish sit-down dinner reception with music and dancing for family and friends, the options are boundless.

Do you lean toward the wild and crazy? Getting married by Elvis, in costume or even in the buff are just a few of the wacky alternatives that only happen in Vegas. Las Vegas is recognized worldwide for its themed weddings. Ranging from the 50’s rock and roll to a western shootout, Las Vegas has unique themes to cater to just about anybody. If you are the outdoorsy type, Las Vegas’ perfect weather and array of popular romantic outdoor wedding locations, such as Lake Vegas, Red Rock Canyon or breath-taking botanical gardens add a spectacular background for your wedding photos.

Another reason weddings in Vegas are so popular is you can combine your wedding with your honeymoon without leaving town. Famous for superlative spas, dazzling nightclubs and theater productions, Las Vegas is one of most trendy places for honeymooning. Many luxury hotels offer all inclusive honeymoon packages for newlyweds. From stylish attractions to enjoyable budget-friendly activities, non-stop entertainment has something for everyone.

It is no wonder so many people are willing to forego the traditional dream wedding in exchange for a hassle-free, reasonably priced, memorable wedding ceremony, reception and honeymoon which Las Vegas famously delivers.

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