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Mini Mag Flashlight - Everything you wanted to know about the Mini Mag Flashlight

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Before we start to learn more about the Mini Mag Flashlight, first let us learn what a flashlight is. A flashlight, better known as torch outside the North America is a hand held light source powered by batteries, or other electric source. Usually, the source of the light is either an incandescent light bulb or can be also a LED, Light Emitting Diode.


Mini Mag Flashlight is a product of Mag Instruments Inc. The company is located in Ontario, California in the United States, and was founded by Anthony Maglica.

Year of Release

The Mini Mag flashlight made its appearance in the electronic market in the year 2006.


You can buy this flashlight in two versions: 2-cell AA, and 3-cell AA. The latest ones have LED as the light source.

The company claims that the Mini Mag flashlights are built strong enough to last a life time. The flashlights are highly durable and have patented features.

The flashlight has an extremely powerful projecting beam which can be focused by simple rotation of the head. It comes with intelligent energy source management, for which the company has a pending patent; it helps in balancing brightness with efficient use of power. The body is knurled designed, is jagged and is constructed with machined aluminum.

The body of the Mini Mag Flashlight has been anodized both inside and out, as a measure
for anti-corrosion. The flashlight is shock and water resistant. It comes with a lifetime warranty in the Western part of the hemisphere; and in other parts it comes with a ten-year limited warranty. With the exception of some imported components, all Mini Mag Flashlights are designed, manufactured and patented in United States.


The Mini Mag flashlights have diamond knurl design in the centre, and have a high intensity, half turn twist focus, which is a patent of Mag Inc. It comes with a patented candle mode. The candle mode can be achieved in three easy steps: Unscrewing the head of flashlight; placing the head down on a stable flat surface, and at last setting flashlight barrel into the unscrewed head.

As mentioned above, the body of the Mini Mag Flashlight has been anodized both on the inside and outside to improve the corrosion resistance. The seals used in this flashlight are very high grade, and it also has O-Rings for improved water resistance.

The body is made up of aluminum case, and is very compact and light weight. The tail cap is vented which reduces the chance of any gas build up. The company has a patent for the same.

You can easily identify the flashlights by Mag, as every product has a circumferential
inscription which extends around the head of the flashlight itself.


The Mini Mag flashlight comes with:

• Tail cap
• Lip seal
• Barrel/LED
• Unique Serial number
• O-Ring barrel
• O-Ring head
• Head Part
• Reflector
• Clear Lens
• O-Ring, face cap
• Face cap

Description of a 2AA Mini Mag Flashlight:

• Length is 167.8mm
• Diameter of the barrel is 18 mm
• Head diameter is 25.4mm
• Weight with batteries included is 117.75g
• 2 AA batteries are required for the flashlight to work

Description of a 3AA Mini Mag Flashlight:

• Length is 218.3mm
• Diameter of the barrel is 18 mm
• Head diameter is 25.4mm
• Weight with batteries included is 117.75g
• 3 AA batteries are required for the flashlight to work


If your light is flickering, even in you install new batteries in it, it might be caused by debris or the battery contact might by corroded. You can clean it with a pencil eraser. This would, in most probability, restore the operation of your flashlight to normal.

If your LED bulb happens to come out loose from the body, don’t try to repair it yourself.
You can contact MAG warranty, and they will do it for you. If your flashlight turns off on its own after sometime that you turn it on, the likely cause can be depleted batteries. Replace the batteries with a new set and you should be ready for further excellent service.

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