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Citizen Eco Watches - Citizen Eco Watches - For Eco People

the ceramic collection radio controlled collection the pro master collection the super aqualand eco watch

When it comes to staying ahead of time, Citizen does that very well with their Citizen Eco watches. Citizen has been in the business for close to eight decades and has kept up with what people are looking for.

Citizen Eco watches feature their new Eco-Drive system. This Eco-Drive system eliminates the requirement to ever change batteries. In fact, this new system was the first watch technology to get an award for eco friendly products. It won the Japan Environment Association’s Eco Mark, which was founded in 1989 for environmentally friendly products.

The Citizen Eco watches get their energy from sunlight and house lighting. Both types of light get absorbed through the watch crystal and dial. Underneath the dial is a solar cell that can convert any type of light into a form of electrical energy. This electrical energy is what powers the Eco watch.

Citizens Eco watches come with a lithium-ion battery, rechargeable, of course, that can store enough energy to run the watch from anywhere between 80 days to five years. The Eco watches all come with a five year warranty.

Citizens has four different collections of Eco watches. They are the Ceramic, Radio Controlled, Pro Master, and Aqualand collections.

The Ceramic Collection

The new Eco Ceramic collection offers an elegance and sophistication that is perfect for casual, work, or evening use. It has a medium sized casing with a beautiful mother of pearl dial. There is also a chronograph functionality included.

The bracelet design and casing are constructed in a perfect symmetry of ceramic and stainless steel. This collection of Citizen Eco watches comes in pink or white.

Radio Controlled Collection

Citizen has also launched a new innovation in eco watches called radio controlled timepieces. These timepieces are the perfect companion for frequent flyers or those who enjoy experiencing the newest technology.

When in the USA, Japan, China, or Germany, these timepieces receive standard time radio waves which will provide automatic updating of time and date. For a frequent flyer, this innovation takes all the work out of keeping track of time and dates when away from home jet setting all over the world.

The eco-drive design technology provides up to four years power reserve and is equipped with lots of extras for those who are constantly on the go. Extra functions like daily alarms, daylight saving function, chronograph functionality, and WR200. It also contains a feature that can calculate ground speed, fuel consumption and converts mileage to kilometers and nautical miles.

This Citizen Eco watch features a titanium bracelet and comes in a beautiful gift box set.

The Pro Master Collection

The V8 Super-car Team called Stone Brothers Racing has partnered with Citizen Watches Australia in a multi-year marketing sponsorship deal promoting the Citizen Eco-Drive Super Chronograph watch. This new Citizen Eco watch, called the Super Chronograph, is a motor sport enthusiasts dream. It measures in 1/1000 time, can calculate lap speed, records up to 20 separate lap times, and can display the slowest, fastest, and average lap times.

The Super Chronograph features technology that has a power reserve of up to 7 years and also have functions like daylight savings, an alarm, WR200, and an LED back light. No matter what part of the world you are in, the Citizen Super Chronograph is a perfect companion.

The Super Aqualand Eco Watch

For those who spend time in and around the water, the Citizen Super Aqualand may be the right Citizen Eco watch for you. It’s exacting design and engineering instills confidence in deep water swimmers.

Once water is detected, this watch has a depth sensor that kicks in to prompt a depth indication of up to 50 meters. There is also a chronograph function and it is water resistant up to 200 meters. The Aqualand has a one-way bezel that rotates, a screw lock crown, a screw case back, and is entirely encased in a solid stainless steel construction.

With Citizen’s reputation and first class innovation technology behind them, it’s no wonder that these four collections of Citizen Eco watches are considered top notch designs by anyone in the business. There is an eco watch to fit any individual or occupation.

Citizen Eco watches are for those looking for environmentally friendly products and innovative technology all rolled into one.

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