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Hitachi Wand Massager - Is The Hitachi Wand Massager Right For You?

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The Hitachi Wand Massager was invented by the company Hitachi over thirty-five years ago and still continues to be a best seller. The massager was initially created to ease and tend to sore muscles and is also used for erogenous zones. One of the many reasons why this massager is still so popular is that it is versatile. If a customer is looking for a multi-purpose massager that is not bulky and long lasting, they should look into the Hitachi Wand Massager for a long term investment.

When looking for a personal massager, different vibration settings is important and battery life. This massager comes with two different kinds of speeds. The low setting is 5000 rotations per minute and the high setting is 6000 rotations per minute. With two types of settings, different intensities can bring different sensations and experiences. A great thing with the Hitachi Wand Massager is that it is an electric massager. There is no need for batteries. This wand comes with a six foot cord that always provides a constant and intense vibration.

Being versatile doesn’t only mean being versatile in where this massager can be used. The head of this product can be interchanged for different uses for more personal stimulation. Additional extensions can also be purchased. One useful addition is the speed controller that can add two additional speeds. With different attachment options, a customer’s need will be fulfilled easily.

The price of the Hitachi Wand varies. Depending on different websites, the prices for this massager can range from $35.00 to $50.00. Additional components can range from $10.00 and up depending on the specific use or the complexity of the attachment. This may seem expensive; however, this massager is very multifaceted. The longevity of the Hitachi is another component that helps the product pay for itself.

The Hitachi Wand Massager is also light weight and easily portable. With it being less than two pounds and the length of twelve inches, traveling with this massager simple. The modeling and appearance of this product is also discreet. If this was purchased for personal erotic use, one won’t have to be embarrassed if their luggage has to be searched.

Customers can also use the Hitachi Magic Wand to bring more romance into their lives. This wand can be a great gift used for pleasure by both partners. Using the Hitachi can lead to new explorations for couples or even individuals. With the different attachments, partners can find new ways to pleasure their partners in different ways they never thought possible.

If this isn’t purchased for erogenous stimulation, this can be a great massaging wand for sore and tired muscles. The vibrations that are emitted from the Hitachi can rehabilitate and promote the regeneration of tissue growth. Customers who stand on their feet all day will find that this the head of the Hitachi is perfect to use on the balls of their feet to ease the tension. Any place that is sore can be easily reached to be soothed since the wand is light weight and sleek.

In choosing a massager, versatility is key. The product needs to be adaptable to a customer’s needs. It should also be hassle free to use and be a long term investment. The Hitachi Wand Massager compiles all these elements in this product and brings satisfaction to many customers who purchase it.

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