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Baby Personalized Gifts - Baby Personalized Gifts: Welcome to the World, Little One

baby’s monogrammed silver family

There are some newborn babies for whom the writing of a check or the purchase of a gift certificate just won’t do when it comes to a gift. Perhaps this baby makes you an uncle or aunt for the first time. Maybe you’ve been selected as a godparent. It could be that your boss or an important client has welcomed a new addition to the family, and an impersonal present just isn’t appropriate.

Some people just love wandering around baby shops and adoring all the cute items. Others feel a bit overwhelmed and are worried about breakage. Luckily, the Internet has many sites that cater to each kind of gift shopper. Baby personalized gifts come in everything from the traditional to the unique. Gifts are even sorted by the amount of money you want to spend, and all come with a card or greetings of some sort.

A couple of caveats should guide you in your choice for a personalized gift for baby, especially if you don’t know the family well. It’s always a good idea to ascertain what the baby will be called. The little girl may be named after her great aunt Hortense, but will go by a nickname. Buying a silver piggy bank labeled “Hortense” when the girl will be known as “Mimi” reveals your gift is more obligation than good wishes. A quick, congratulatory phone call after the baby’s birth can clear up these little mysteries, and “Mimi” can use her piggy bank for years to come.

Here is another possibly adorable but “iffy” present, a well-made onsie on which the baby’s initials are monogrammed very nicely across the chest, but across the bottom there is monogrammed just as nicely, “Little Stinker”. Some parents may find this hilariously cute, but others may not. When in doubt, go for the monogrammed chest only.

With all that being said, now we come to the fun part of choosing just-right, baby personalized gifts. Usually, the personalization is either hand-painted, embroidered, or engraved.

Amongst the hand-painted offerings are many cute plaques, plates, wall tiles, step stools, wooden rocking horses, first Christmas ornaments, and the like. The personalization can be painted beautifully with calligraphy, while some others use a “craftier” or more “country” lettering. It’s always a good idea to know exactly what you are ordering. The right choice could mean that your hand-painted gift becomes a treasured Christmas tree ornament, or a plaque that will be on the “baby’s” wall for years to come.

Embroidered personalization on baby’s clothes and accessories are a thoughtful gift. A bath towel that sports a large yellow star with the legend “A Star is Born” and the baby’s name is delightful for a boy or girl. Stuffed animals of all varieties monogrammed with the baby’s name, or a fuzzy,comforting monogrammed blanket could be that one thing that baby drags around for a few years and can’t bear to be without. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be the giver of that one special present?

Baby jewelry is becoming popular again. Baby bracelets are sweet and safer than a ring, which babies have been known to swallow. A simple silver heart charm engraved with her initials could be placed on a silver chain, silver oval, freshwater pearls, or a satiny ribbon. There are also a few macho looking bracelets for little boys as well. Silver cups, bowls, and spoons are also favorites for engraving.

Then there are baby gifts that the whole family can enjoy in one way or another. Simple wooden frames hold the baby’s photo in the middle, while the left and right panel are for hand and foot impressions the new parents can make with provided plaster of Paris. What a beautiful keepsake.

Perhaps the most fun personalized baby gift online is a monogrammed brown velour sweat suit with pink, blue, or white piping. A wiggly caterpillar toy is also for the baby. Gifts for parents include hot fudge sundae mix, and, for the whole family, a lullaby CD of U2 classics. What a cool concept: a new family to bonding over hot fudge and U2. This kind of imaginative present is sure to be a baby personalized gift that will be remembered for a long time.

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