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Las Vegas Nevada Vacations - Going on Vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada

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If you are planning a vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada, you are probably planning to spend some time in the casinos, but there is more to Las Vegas than gambling. There are shows, rides, night clubs and restaurants to explore, not to mention wedding chapels.
The first thing you need to do is get the accommodations planned. If you are flying to Vegas, you need to book a flight that will fit into your budget and still allow you to have some spending money. If you are going to Vegas to gamble and you gamble enough, you can get your airfare “comped”. That means that the hotel will pay for your airfare, but they probably will not pay for the cost of your tickets for the trip that you are currently planning. They will pay for a return trip and hope that you will lose more money at the casino. This can also hold true to your hotel room’s bill. While the rooms are relatively cheap on the strip, you can get them “comped” as well for the night or the rest of your trip, depending upon how much you are gambling. To get these perks and other complimentary things, like drinks, food, and shows, you will need to register with the players club at each hotel that you are playing in. That way, the hotel management can track your gambling and offer your complimentary services in relation to how much you gamble.
Another aspect of planning the trip is your vehicle. If you are flying, simply take a taxi, but be prepared to tip well and have a slightly higher fare than you are used to. After all, it is Vegas and traffic will be jammed at most hours of the day. If you are driving, you will want to use the valet parking that the hotel offers and just keep the car parked the entire time you are there. The valet parking lot is regulated by the hotel security and break ins are rare. The self parking lots do not have a lot of security, like the valet lots do, and break ins are more frequent. For most guests in Las Vegas, their vacation consists of everything the hotel will provide from food to gambling to spa treatments and play areas for the children. With this in mind, you probably will not need to leave the property. If you do, a short cab ride can be a smarter option than to risk an accident in your car. The place that you wish to go to may be close enough to walk, so get a little exercise during your vacation.
For everyone who wants to have a great vacation in Las Vegas and not break their budget, there are coupons that can be found on the internet and within the hotels that can help. These coupons are good for everything from food and drinks to free game play at the tables. You can even find coupons that will admit a child to an attraction or show for free if their parent buys a ticket to the show. The price of some amusement parks is amazingly low, like the Adventuredome at Circus Circus. Entrance to their amusement park is less than what you would pay at a fine restaurant for dinner. There are several more amusement parks located on the strip, as well as museums and parks that a family can relax and enjoy each other within. Your hotel concierge should be able to help you find an amusement park that can suit your family. A quick search on the internet can allow you to research all the amusement parks in the Las Vegas area.
Safety in Las Vegas is important, as there are several pickpockets who will take any opportunity to steal from you. If you are bumped by anyone, you should automatically protect your wallet. Your wallet should not be in your back pocket, but in your front pocket, if you are a gentleman. If you are a lady, your purse strap should be crossed over your body diagonally and you should keep your hand on it at all times. Be aware of your surroundings and be alert. The more you seem to notice, the less they will attempt to steal from you.

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