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Foster Pet Supplies - Available Products from Foster Pet Supplies

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The pet supply business in America is a multi-million dollar enterprise. Most pet owners think of their pets as important members of the family. They want the best food, medical care, accessories and toys for their pets that they can afford. One of the largest suppliers, foster pet supplies, sell their products through several web sites. Four of the largest sites are Doctors Foster & Smith, Foster & Smith Aquatics, and Live Aquaria. They also have a site called Pet Education which is exclusively for getting to know your pets and their individualized special needs.

The Doctors Foster & Smith site not only has dog and cat supplies, but also supplies for such pets as fish, birds, ferrets, reptiles and horses. Some of the supplies available are food, medications, pet beds, and a huge assortment of toys for your pets. A few of the categories on the dog section of the site include Health Care, House Training, Name Tags, Puppy Care and Skin and Coat Health. The cat section includes such categories as Carriers and Crates, Dental Care, Feeders and Waterers, Flea & Tick Control and Hairball Remedies. The many unusual items here include Halloween costumes for your pets, toys for horses and unique equipment for your outdoor fish pond. As you can see, the topics are varied, thorough and very useful.

Foster & Smith Aquatics have their exclusive brand products, fish and all their needs to keep your aquarium crystal clear and healthy. Books, audios and videos are also for sale to give you plenty of ideas and supplemental instructions. There is a section on articles, tips and information that will keep you informed regarding the latest scientific evidence regarding your aquatic world. Their “aquarium builder” shows you how to select the correct aquarium, supplies and equipment. It takes some of the worry, the risk and the mystery out of beginning a new aquarium.

The Live Aquaria site sells live fish, coral, plants and other aquarium “residents” such as snails, crabs and slugs. Some of these attack the algae and other organisms that will potentially harm your aquarium. There is a 100% guarantee on whatever they sell. One very important feature on the site is a “compatibility chart” where you can easily determine which fish or other aquatic creatures are compatible with one another. This is a tremendous boon for the prevention of some very unfortunate events from occurring in your aquarium habitat. Knowing when and how to introduce your new members to your aquarium family is profoundly important. Another advantage on this site is the “acclimation guide” which instructs you regarding the parameters of the water in your tank. You want to introduce your new members only when the proper temperature, salinity, pH and other parameters have been met. Not being aware of the proper parameters can easily result in the injury or death of your aquatic creatures.

Their Pet Education site gives you a myriad of information, ideas and demonstrations to supplement their instructions on pet care, health, training and other topics. This site educates you about training, feeding and caring for your pet. It delves into diseases, injuries and illnesses and helps you navigate the world of veterinarians, treatments and medications your pet may need. Some topics here are Medication Center, Veterinary Tests & Procedures, Alternative Medicine and Symptom Checker. This site can take some of the stress out of being a pet owner with an ill or injured pet. It can also teach you how to handle many of the everyday occurrences in the life of pet owners. Once again, this site includes help with many varied pets and not just cats and dogs. Some of the articles here are “Interesting Turtle Facts,” “Beaks: Anatomy, Care and Diseases,” “Rabies,” “Ich in Freshwater Fish,” and “Ferrets as Pets.”

Such factors as subtle differences in the temperature and chemical balance of the water for fish, the current scientific research on the care and feeding of a certain variety of pet or the latest facts on pet problems can be critically important. You can depend on the Foster & Smith sites to assist you with the care of your aquatic, feathered, furry or scaly pets with exceptional professional advice, supplies, equipment and instruction.

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