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Counseling San Francisco - On Counseling in San Francisco

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Many people at some point in their lives need – or at least could benefit from – some therapy or psychological counseling. San Francisco, with its status as a world class city and one of the most famous locales in the United States, has no lack of available services for residents in such need. For instance, the San Francisco Counseling Center can be found at a central location on Bush Street, not too far from Gough Street, and readily findable via public transportation. This center of counseling in San Francisco boasts a staff full of experience psychotherapists, many of whom in fact provide ongoing training to younger and less experienced therapists in the area. Their services include – but are by no means limited to – stress and anxiety issues, concerns involving relationships and interpersonal issues, problems with home life and family, and depression. In addition, counseling at San Francisco Counseling Center also includes help with coping with grief and loneliness, as well as common body image issues and eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia. Counseling is even available on a gamut of topics ranging from textbook trauma and abuse issues to general concerns about careers, occupational stress, and life direction and goals. Counseling and therapy on all such problems are available to a wide client base, from young children to teenagers, fully fledged adults, and couples of any sexual orientation. In addition, for those who may feel more comfortable receiving their treatment in the company of others – or would simply appreciate exposure to those able to relate to their issues and concerns, group therapy is widely available at the center.

Despite its name, the San Francisco Counseling Center is not necessarily the only option to those seeking services in counseling in San Francisco. Another popular option with a strong reputation is the Marina Counseling Center. Much like the San Francisco Counseling Center, the Marina Counseling Center offers its services on a sliding scale price, and are understanding and sensitive to the fact that not all clients or patients who seek therapy and counseling are necessarily able to pay top dollar. Also similar to the San Francisco Counseling Center, their services cover a wide range of common problems for which individuals frequently seek therapists. They are located in the Marina and Cow Hollow neighborhoods, and has been reported to be a good, solid option especially for potential clients who have never had therapy before. The general attitude at the Marina Counseling Center is said to be very laid back, and even the more nervous clients or patients are rarely intimidated by the staff or the general experience of the visit. In fact, employees are said to be, in general, extraordinarily caring and genuine, particularly those responsible for conducting the initial intake over the phone.

In addition, Marina Counseling Center has been praised for its remarkable ability to match individual patients with therapists who suit their unique needs and personalities. Although the Center is relatively young in comparison to some of its peers – that is to say, it’s largely operated by fresh, newly graduated psychology students – ratings in terms of the quality and integrity of these young counselors are almost unmatched. Even clients who are initially skeptical or nervous about seeking services in counseling from such “green” therapists almost always report that they leave impressed with the quality of the experience and the helpfulness of the insights provided. One satisfied customer has even gone so far as to report that the Marina Counseling Center “saved my life.” The same customer reports that the care offered by the center is both realistic and holistic, and that there is something inherently soothing about the general area where the offices are located.

Although both the San Francisco Counseling Center and the Marina Counseling Center are great, affordable options for anyone in need of counseling, San Francisco, being the sort of city that it is, of course boasts a whole host of other wonderful opportunities in this field. For those curious about seeing what other services are available in counseling and therapy, or are looking for a very specific kind of counseling, other popular options include A Path That Fits, Venus Rising Healing Center, and Planned Parenthood Golden Gate. All are conveniently located within the borders of the city, and are certainly worth looking into.

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