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Thermal Fax Machines - The Uses of Thermal Fax Machines

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Standard fax machines are still in use, as they are a quick way to get documents from one place to another. These use ink, and print the images that make up the fax off the same way that a computer printer does, by stamping the ink down on the paper. Thermal fax machines work, to a large degree, in the same way. They also send and receive faxes by scanning them in, making an image of that scan, and sending it off through the telephone wires to another machine. The difference is in the way that they print, with uses heat — the very element that gives them their name. There are two different varieties of these machines, one that uses special thermal paper to print, and another that uses an ink ribbon and melting process.

Thermal paper is the somewhat glossy sort of paper that many people refer to simply as fax paper. It is heavily coated in chemicals that make it have a slippery feeling — these chemicals also make it all but impossible to write on this style of paper, if one has ever tried to take notes on it with a pen or a pencil. These chemicals are what make the paper work with the thermal fax machine. They react with the heat, forming the image that would otherwise be made of ink. Two things that make up the chemicals are inert pigments and wax, which explain both the feel of the paper and the way that it works. The thermal fax machine uses standard electricity to create heat, which is then applied to certain areas of the paper. When the temperature in those areas is high enough, the chemicals coating the paper react and change, creating the image that one sees.

The other style of thermal fax machine is the one that uses an ink ribbon. This ribbon goes between the heated printing head of the machine and the paper — which can be standard computer paper, not special fax paper. Basically, the chemicals that coat thermal paper are used on the ink ribbon, so they can be applied to multiple sheets of paper. In many ways, this is the same as a standard fax machine. The process is still using heat to melt the ribbon onto the paper, however, so the fax machine can still be said to be of the thermal variety. This is a good option for those who just want to be able to use normal paper, as this style of thermal fax machine will work with any paper.

There are certainly a number of advantages to using a thermal fax machine. The first one, and one of the biggest for most people and companies looking to purchase fax machines, is the cost. Thermal machines are just cheaper, all the way around. The components used to create them do not cost as much as those used to build a standard fax machine; they are simpler, which makes them cheaper and easier to make. This leads quite nicely into their being cheaper to buy.

Another advantage is that they tend to break less often. They are very durable little machines. In most office technology, the things that break are the moving parts. A thermal fax machine, because it uses a basic heated print head, and not a rolling ink ribbon, has less moving parts. Even the styles that do use ink ribbons are simpler, because a basic heated head is still what is doing the main action. This means that there are less parts to break, and less chance that they will. The machines are also easier to fix, since the basic construction is so simple and easy to understand.

Overall, thermal fax machines are a great idea for any business or individual looking to buy a new machine for the home or office. They are fast and efficient, and come at a lower cost than other styles of fax machines. They do not break as often, meaning that business can flow along with less obstructions. While one may have to buy special thermal paper or thermal ink ribbons, one will find that using these machines is no harder than using any other fax machines.

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