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Norelco Beard Trimmer - The Norelco Beard Trimmer Is Loaded with Features

trimming hair battery precision

Affordability, ease of use, cleanliness and precision are important factors to consider when purchasing a facial hair shaver, and the Norelco beard trimmer is one of the best available.
The product has several features which set it apart from other trimmers.
SteelWave technology
A lifetime of precision shaving is offered through Norelco’s stainless steel self-sharpening blades. No lubrication is ever needed and the wave-shaped blades channel facial hair prior to cutting it. The very sharp blades can make quick work of any beard, goatee or stubble. The unit also has a dial on the neck which controls the various levels at which trimming can occur, from .04 inches to .72 inches. The system features nine different levels, with #1 being the shortest. The guard is also removable to allow for even closer shaving. The Accu Control system uses a flexible guiding comb which will adjust to the curves of a face to ensure a precise trim every time.
Less mess
The Norelco T980 beard trimmer features the AccuVac Vaccuum Trimmer, which uses suction from the razor to capture clipped hairs while trimming and send them into a built-in storage chamber to help reduce the amount of hair that has to be cleaned up after operation. The hair storage chamber is clear so the user can easily see when it needs emptied. While the vacuum function will not completely eliminate the need to clean little hairs out of the sink or from the counter after a trim, it will make it easier as it sucks up about 90 percent of them, especially on turbo mode. This setting does increase the noise output of the trimmer and drains the battery faster, but that might be a small price to pay in exchange for the amount of cleanup it will save.
Additional features
The Norelco beard trimmer can also be used with or without the power cord. The Ni-Cad battery can be recharged overnight after it has been depleted. A full charge will provide nearly 45 minutes of trimming time, though this may be reduced if the turbo function is used. There are a series of five LED lights that indicate battery strength, and when charging the last light will blink rapidly to signal a complete charge. Unfortunately, the battery cannot be replaced once it is completely used. The unit is lightweight at 1.6 pounds and has a sleek appearance, but is still solid and well crafted. The ergonomic design makes trimming easy on the hands and wrist and the vacuum function works from any angle.
The T980 trimmer also comes with a small attachment which makes shaving in the tiny areas of the face, such as the moustache, easier. Without the attachment it can sometimes be difficult to reach that segment.
There is also a travel pouch and cleaning brush included with the Norelco beard trimmer, along with the charger adaptor. Norelco offers a 60-day, money back guarantee as well as a two-year warranty.
Norelco beard trimmers are also moderately priced at between $25 and $50.
With all the features it has to offer and its reliability, the Norelco brand of beard trimmer is one of the most popular available and can be found at many major retailers. The warranty and money-back guarantee make Norelco beard trimmers a good investment, while the precision of its shave guarantees a neat beard with little mess.

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Can the Norelco bread trimmer plus be used to trim neck hair