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A+ Certification Test - A+ Certification Makes You an Expert in the Technology Field

a+ certification exam details preparing for the exam

The industry standard examination for computer support technicians is the CompTIA a+ certification. This is a vendor neutral certification process that validates the competency level of technicians in a variety of areas: networking, security, troubleshooting, installation, and preventive maintenance. People who have obtained a+ certification have demonstrated skill and competency in these areas. They have advanced knowledge of the Microsoft operating systems and IBM computer systems. Many technology corporations use the certification track offered by CompTIA because of the thoroughness of the program and exams. Nearly one million people worldwide are a+ certified.

A+ Certification Exam Details

Before taking the a+ certification exam, you should have at least 500 hours of experience working with operating systems, system files, computer hardware, and networking. You should also know how to configure hardware and software, and troubleshoot computer problems. Study materials are available on the internet for free or a nominal fee.

The cost for the exam is less than $400. If you are currently a student, you could qualify for the a+ voucher and pay half price. Individual companies that offer certification training can also provide discount vouchers.

There are two parts to the a+ certification exam. The essentials portion of the exam has 100 questions and requires a passing score of 675; the practical application portion has 90 questions, and you need at least 700 to pass.

The essentials portion covers eight domains: (1) components of a personal computer, (2) laptops and other portable devices, (3) various operating systems, (4) networks, (5) security, (6) issues of safety and environment, (7) printers and scanners, (8) professional communication.

The practical application focuses on the knowledge and skills identified in the essentials exam, requiring more hands-on scenarios to apply troubleshooting and tools in resolving computer problems.

Preparing for the Exam

The best way to prepare for the a+ exam is with knowing the function of every piece of the computer. You might want to practice disassembling and reassembling a computer to identify the hardware and how those work. Make sure you have anti-static bags for the components to avoid damaging or destroying parts. Suggested materials to help you prepare are: a computer with a Microsoft operating system installed; a Phillips and a flat head screwdriver; an anti-static wrist strap; a grounding pad; and, a calculator. Also, wear the wrist strap while working on the computer, but not if the power is on.

Familiarize yourself with general concepts related to decimal, hex and binary systems. You can also take free practice tests available online. These mirror actual exam questions and scenarios, and will give you insight for what to expect.

Benefits of Having A+ Certification

In practically every field, having additional education and/or certification will give you a competitive edge. The same is true for the computer field. Small, medium and large corporations cannot function without a network of computer systems. Most employers require computer technicians to have the a+ certification before making a job offer. Advancing in the information technology field is easier once you have proven your abilities through passing this exam. The technology field is growing fast, with new devices and systems developed frequently. Even as it continues to grow, no one has built a computer that does not break, so your knowledge, skills and abilities will always be in demand.

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