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Alexandria Va Homes - Buying homes in Alexandria, VA

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Alexandria, established in 1695 in what was then the British Colony of Virginia, sits on the west bank of the Potomac River, south of downtown Washington DC. Lush green lawns with magnificent large trees abound in the old neighborhoods of this historic community.

A high percentage of the ethnically diversified population are professionals, with college degrees, that work in the federal civil service, the US military or one of the many private companies that contract with the federal government.

Commuting to work is easy with airports near by and Union Station which services both the Amtrak intercity and Virginia Railway Express for regional rail service and highways providing good access into and out of Alexandria.

The median house value is above the state average, for both selling and purchasing a home. With prices changing rapidly, it is best to check real estate listings for current offerings. Look at the following areas as guidelines for locating homes for sale in Alexandria, VA.

Old Town
In the eastern and southeastern section of town, is known for its historic town houses, art galleries and antique shops. There are numerous historical sites in this area along with a wide variety of fine restaurants and casual dining establishments serving both American and ethnic cuisine on their menus.

Just west of Old Town is the oldest planned residential section which transitions seamlessly to Arts and Crafts and other traditional American style architecture. You might feel like you’ve stepped into the middle of a Norman Rockwell painting in this section of town.

The Berg
Situated on the Northern limits of Old Town, affectionately called “The Berg” by its inhabitants, is the remnants of the historic predominately African American community. Over the years, this section of town has changed as more middle class income families have moved into the area.

Located in the northeast section of Alexandria, this area is home to many Hispanic, Thai and Vietnamese bakeries, restaurants and bookstores.

Del Ray
Northwest of Old Town, this neighborhood is famous for its annual Art on the Avenue street festival which draws many tourists. There are many new developments under way in this area, consisting of condominiums, offices and parks.

West End
It is the most typically suburban part of the city, with its winding roads and cul-de-sacs. The section known as “Landmark” has a high concentration of shopping malls. There are basically four areas that comprise West End, which are Seminary Hill, Lower Alexandria, Landmark, and Seminary West.

Seminary Hill is mostly residential with single family homes. Lower Alexandria consists of smaller homes, row houses and town homes, low-priced rental apartments along with commercial and retail real estate. There has been some development of apartments and town homes in the area. The Landmark area, which includes Seminary Valley, is a large single family area consisting mainly of garden style apartments and condo-converted apartment hi-rises as well as a number of town home developments. In the Seminary West neighborhoods you will find a mix of town home communities, single family neighborhoods, several large senior citizen living centers, garden and hi-rise apartments, and condominiums.

North Ridge
In the Northern part of the city, is comprised of homes of various styles, built between the 1930’s and into early 1960’s, which are mostly single family two story homes, with basements.

There are many recreational areas with water parks, basketball courts and picnic areas to be enjoyed. The Mount Vernon Trail, bike and jogging path, winds through Old Town all the way to Roosevelt Island in Washington, DC.

Historical places and museums include the Black History Resource Center, Fort Ward Park and Museum, the Pope-Leighey House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Woodlawn Plantation, Washington’s Grist Mill, and Mount Vernon estate along with Alexandria National Cemetery.

As with any relocation, it will be to your advantage to pre-qualify with a bank for the financing of your new home. This way you will be sure to have the Realtor show you homes in the proper price range and you will be able to place an offer once you locate the home you desire. There are many homes for sale in Alexandria, VA from which to choose. With the help of a good Realtor, locating the right one should be easy.

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