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Friedrich Air Conditioner - Different Styles of Friedrich Air Conditioners

star series models energy

Air conditioning is very important to any building, and Friedrich air conditioners are a great way to cool down even the hottest of buildings. Friedrich makes many different models, and they are all sure to provide cool air without being too loud while running or costing too much to keep in operation. The models all have different strong points, and one will want to consider them each before making a decision on what air conditioner is right for the building and the price. From window air conditioners to portable air conditioners, Friedrich has a wide variety.

The first line of premium Friedrich air conditioners is the X-Star series. They are very good and not very large, which means that even a small building can have excellent cooling services; it also means that the X-Star series air conditioners will not be too much work to install or transport. The XQ05M10, XQ06M10, and XQ08M10 are all Energy Star Qualified, all all weigh right around seventy-two pounds. The XQ10M10 is a little heavier, at eighty-three pounds, and has more cooling amps and cooling volts. It is also the most expensive of the four. All four run on 115 volts, and all four also use R-410A refrigerant, which is environmentally friendly.

The next line of window air conditioners is the QuietMaster line. As the name suggests, these Friedrich air conditioners are engineered to be quiet so as not to disturb people in a home or office, and they are perfect for homes, as they are rated for extra large spaces. They use R22 refrigerant, and four of the six — the KS12L10, KS15L10, KM24L30, and SL28L30 — are Energy Star Qualified. These are more expensive models, but they can also handle larger areas than the X-Star Series, and have a higher rating for moisture removal all across the board. They all feature mosquito traps, to keep them out of one’s home even with the air conditioner in the window.

For the smallest of Friedrich air conditioners, one needs to look at the ZoneAire Portable Air Conditioner. This small unit, that comes with an LED remote control and plugs into any normal 115 volt outlet, can both cool a home and act as a dehumidifier. It uses R-410A refrigerant, like the X-Star Series, which is friendly to the environment, so one does not have to feel bad when running the machine frequently in the summer months. It is light in weight and can be moved from place to place easily, so one will have a lot of flexibility about where and when to use the air conditioner. This is great for situations in which one does not want to permanently install an air conditioning system, such as in apartment buildings where one is renting and will not be staying for a long time.

There is, of course, the chance that one will want an air conditioner with heat. This is ideal for states where the climate can range drastically from the winter to summer months, and one wants to have all of the bases covered without having to buy two separate units, one for the summer and one for the winter. For this, one should look at the Kuhl Series. These are some of the best that Friedrich makes. They have a programmable function that allows one to not only program the machine for days up to seven days in advance, but also to program four separate setting for the different times of the day. The Kuhl Series has an LED remote, just like the portable air conditioner. The machines are built to last and have been heavily tested for durability. They are also very quiet, as some of the materials used are chosen because they absorb sound. There are many models to choose from, and the majority of them are Energy Star Qualified. This is the machine that can do it all, from cooling in the day to heating in the night.

As can be seen, Friedrich air conditioners can be found for any situation. The company is very good at making a wide variety of products. With their commitment to excellent as show by the Energy Star Qualifications, Friedrich builds the best in air conditioners.

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