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Internet Satellite Service - High Speed Internet Satellite Service For Remote Areas Not Reached By DSL Or Cable

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Those people living in rural areas where cable and DSL internet services are not available have the option of using high speed internet satellite service to access the internet at speeds far beyond those of dial-up connections.

Satellite dish internet services all share certain benefits and limitations that should be taken into account. Based on pricing and the fact that satellite internet providers place limitations on the amount of data that can be sent or received, it should only be considered if DSL or cable are not available, or data needs are too great for dial-up.

The benefits of High Speed Satellite Dish Internet Service are: Much faster than dial-up, it does not tie up the phone line, making it possible to talk on the phone while on the internet, the speed of file and web page transfer makes sudden disconnection issues less common, and satellite service can reach areas too remote for cable and DSL service.

Typical speed ranges for internet satellite dish service range from the low end of 512 kilobits per second to a high of 5 megabits per second. These speeds place satellite service at the low end of the spectrum when compared to cable and DSL, but they are still anywhere from around 10 to 30 times faster than dial-up. It should be noted that these speeds are available only under ideal conditions, and that average speeds are typically quite a bit lower.

Having a phone line available for talking while on the internet may seem like a minor consideration at first glance, but it can prove very useful for business use – talking with a credit card company while looking at a statement online, for instance, and also for being able to talk with tech support while solving a computer hardware or software issue.

A four megabyte file that can take close to 10 minutes to download with dial-up takes less than thirty seconds with high speed satellite service. It is not unheard of to lose a dial-up connection over the course of 10 minutes, leaving no choice but to start over.

People who have chosen to live away from cities and surrounding suburbs for the benefits that lifestyle provides no longer are limited to glacially slow internet connections. This makes it possible to work from home if an employer permits, or have a home-based business.

Some limitations of internet satellite dish service are: Potentially higher cost, bandwidth restrictions, weather issues, geographical factors, and latency issues.

Compared to cable and DSL service, monthly charges for satellite internet service are roughly three times the cost. Low speed plans (512 kilobits per second) start around $40 per month. The top speed plans (5 megabits per second) are in the $350/month realm. The equipment is also expensive, but a little shopping can usually turn up special offers of free equipment with a two year service agreement. This a common practice among internet satellite service providers.

Because of the enormous expense involved with launching a satellite into space, there is only a limited amount of capacity (bandwidth). Satellite providers all place limits on the amount of data that can be used over a certain period of time, similar to the minute limits that cell phone companies use.

Once the data limit is reached, satellite internet service will slow down drastically, and can even be cut off completely. Most providers even provide an allowance for attaining internet access via dial-up to prevent someone from being completely without service. This data limitation practice is referred to as the FAP or Fair Access Policy, and is designed to keep heavy data users from constantly hogging bandwidth from other customers. Depending on the service plan, these data limits range from 200 megabits/day to 500 megabits/day. This could be adequate as long as a lot of video files are not involved, or multiple computers/users are connected. Some high speed satellite dish internet service providers allow unlimited access during early morning hours, so that service plan data limits imposed on peak usage periods can be avoided. This provides dish satellite internet users the opportunity to download and save large files, movies for instance, to their hard drive.

Rain, snow, and heavy clouds can impair or completely cut off access with satellite internet service. This is another reason why satellite internet service providers usually include some dial-up access with their accounts. A large hill or mountain that blocks a clear view to the southern sky can also present an issue.

Large trees between the satellite receiving dish and the satellite can also impede the signal and slow down the connection. In this instance, mounting the satellite receiver on the roof may prevent this issue, but few people who chose to live surrounded by majestic trees would be willing to cut down one or more trees to obtain a clear line of site to the orbiting satellite.

Latency is simply the term used to describe the fact that it takes a noticeable amount of time for a data request to be sent to a satellite and return to a computer. It makes satellite internet service unacceptable for VOIP, (Using the internet for phone calls) interactive gaming, or any other real-time applications. Compared to dial-up, however, the latency factor is a non-issue.

As time goes by, a couple of things may happen. Dish satellite internet service providers could gain additional satellites, which would make more bandwidth available, lead to prices closer to those of cable and DSL, and remove restrictions on data volume. The other thing that may occur is that, as population density in rural areas increases, DSL and cable companies might find it cost effective to extend service to those areas.

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