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Medical Billing Coding Jobs - Medical Billing and Coding Jobs in Hot Demand

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Medical billing and coding jobs have seen a huge spike in demand over the last decade. Why? Patient records and insurance claims get incredibly deep, incredibly fast. That’s why the medical community has shifted a great deal of its records and billing processes into digital records and they’re continually abandoning the old way of doing it—that is, via paper records, manila folders, and so forth.

Because of this technological shift, institutions from clinics, to hospital ER’s, to private practices need skilled people that know how to evaluate, input, and maintain digital records. Jobs in medical billing and coding entail, specifically, coding, billing, processing, and verifying payments. Medical billing and coding jobs are also known by many different aliases: claims analyst, billing coordinator, patient account representative, and coding specialists are used quite frequently—depending on the health care provider or whichever is the de facto standard in a particular community.

Acquiring a job in medical billing and coding generally requires, at a minimum, a certificate from an accredited technical or vocational school and sometimes—some experience in the field. Part of what medical coding students learn is the three types of coding techniques: the HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding Systems); the ICD (or International Classification of Diseases; and the CPT, or Current Procedural Terminology. Any training students receive in medical billing and coding should have one or more of those systems as—in the very least—a part of the core curriculum.

Certifications aren’t always required, but a high school education is. A high school diploma or GED is required to enter into any medical and billing coding jobs training. After being successfully admitted to a vocational or technical program, a medical billing certification can be acquired in as little as four to six months.

The following are normally a few of core responsibilities that you’ll encounter in the medical billing and coding job market:

• He or she verifies the accuracy of codes according to the official guidelines and that all charges for all diagnostics and treatments are complete.
• Produces charge tickets and occasionally enters the data
• Relays all coding procedure and guideline changes to the physician’s staff.
• Can effectively type a minimum of 40 WPM on a 10-key system, plus can handle and prioritize substantial loads of work in a timely, accurate manner.
• Retrieving, collecting, and posting items such as patient information and statistics.
• Performing daily audit trails and evaluating them plus fixing any inaccurate or missing data.

Additionally, jobs in medical billing and coding are for motivated, skilled individuals who like to work in a fast paced, high-volume (of administrative work) environment. A successful candidate for a medical and billing coordinator career should know core medical terms, the specific type of coding and paperwork completion used at their target job (whether it’s ICD, CPT, or HCPCS), have basic computer skills (e.g. Word, Excel, various medical billing suites), and possess great customer service skills.

Getting into a career in medical billing and coding is becoming easier and easier. Once an individual can demonstrate the core competences, they have several venues to explore jobs at, including (but not limited to):

• Nursing homes
• Rehab clinics
• Insurance agencies
• Private practices and clinics
• Hospitals

The salary for jobs in medical billing and coding is very competitive. Entry-level coders can expect to start out at around $9-12 an hour. Once enough skill and experience has been accumulated, pay raises and even promotions become a real possibility for most. A seasoned medical coder that’s been in the field for around 3 years—and has a good track record—can earn anywhere from 30 to $40 an hour.

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