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Microsoft Office Student Edition - The Academic Benefit of Microsoft Office Student Edition

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Students use a wide variety of tools in the Microsoft Office suite of products throughout the course of their college tenure. Microsoft Word is invaluable as a word processor and Excel and Power Point both have their places within the arsenal of student offerings. The downside to the Microsoft Office suite is that it is often quite expensive. While new releases for Microsoft Office typically only come out every few years, staying up to date on these editions is important, especially when there are file format changes.

Microsoft understands how important its suite of office products are to the average student, which is why many college campuses have a licensed Microsoft agreement that makes the Microsoft Office Student Edition available for free, or for very little cost, depending upon a campuses’ agreement.

Does My School Have A Microsoft Campus Agreement?

If you are uncertain as to whether or not a college campus has a Microsoft Campus Agreement that will allow you to get the Microsoft Office Student Edition at a discount price, be sure and check with the student union. Counselors at the student union should be able to assist in helping get the software you need if the campus does have an agreement with Microsoft.

The good news is that 90% of accredited colleges and universities have this agreement, simply because it provides better academic benefits for their students and allows them to standardize the use of software across the campus. Certain conditions for application to the program do apply, such as being a full time student. For more information on these conditions, you should check with your student union.

What If My Campus Does Not Have A Microsoft Campus Agreement?

If a college campus does not have a Microsoft Agreement, then the student will be responsible for purchasing their own copy of Microsoft Office Student Edition. The best way to do this is to purchase the software directly from Microsoft, as they offer a significant discount for students and educators compared to regular prices for their software.

Aside from offering discounts on Microsoft Office Student edition, Microsoft also offers discounts on numerous other products that students use frequently, such as Windows 7 OS upgrade, OneNote 2010, Outlook 2010, and Dreamspark. While the discounts offered by the Microsoft Store are often not comparable in price to a license agreement between a college campus and Microsoft, it is still a discount that can save money.

What’s Different About Microsoft Office Student Edition?

Microsoft Office Student Edition differs from the typical Office edition in that it provides access to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and OneNote. Each of these is valuable tools that students will use in their daily life on campus. The only difference between the Student Edition and the Standard edition is the exclusion of Outlook in the Student Edition. However, since Outlook is an email client and there are numerous free email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird and Post Box, there is really nothing students miss out on for a smaller price.

What is OneNote?

One of the newest additions in recent years to the student suite of Microsoft products is OneNote. OneNote is a note taking software that allows students to organize their notes quickly and effectively. Most people find that they type quicker than they write, which means bringing their computer to class and typing what they hear can provide a better means of study and more accurate note-taking.

Microsoft OneNote also works perfectly with tablet PCs and tablet input, so even if writing is the preferred method of note-taking, a student can keep digital copies of notes instantly, instead of having to head back to the dorm or apartment in order to type them up.

Since details like Microsoft Campus Agreements are often not known until students are browsing the campus themselves, asking ahead of time before you make a major software purchase if often a good idea. Counselors will be able to answer all questions regarding any campus agreement so a student can determine whether or not software is something that needs to be purchased before starting the school year.

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