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Top Business Colleges - Considering a Top Ranked Business College

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There are several quality publications that annually list the top business schools in the country. Each may have their own criteria for selecting the schools, and the top ten will often differ. But one thing that remains consistent is that several excellent business colleges are always somewhere high on each publication’s list.

When reviewing a top business college to attend, look at all the criteria that ranked the college, from entrance requirements to the number of successful graduates. Making a determination about a top business school should take into consideration not just the ranking, but the fit of the school with a person’s ultimate goals.

Top Business Colleges – Undergraduate Programs

The following undergraduate business schools make just about every publication in the top ranking lists. They are presented in no ranking order.

•Universyty of Notre Dame (Mendoza School) in Notre Dame, IN is a private school with a full-time enrollment of approximately 1,750 students. Tuition annually is in the high $30,000. It ranks consistently high in annual ratings.

•University of Virginia (McIntire School) in Charlotte, VA is a public school with a full-time enrollment of only around 700 students. Annual tuition is around $10,000. Students rank it highly, and it maintains high annual rankings.

•MIT (Sloan School) in Cambridge, MA is a private school with enrollment averaging 200 students annually. Tuition is in the high $30,000 annually, and it consistently performs highly in rankings.

•University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School) in Philadelphia, PA is a private school with full-time enrollment of approximately 2,500 students. Annual tuition ranges in the high $30,000 range, but graduates earn one of the highest salaries of all the top business colleges. The school always tops annual ranking lists.

•University of Michigan (Ross School) in Ann Arbor, MI is a public school with annual enrollment of around 1,000 and annual tuition in the range of $12,000. It generally ranks in the top ten annually of business schools.

•Emory University (Goizueta School) in Atlanta GA is a private school with annual full-time enrollment around 700 students. Annual tuition is in the high $30,000 range, and the school generally ranks in the top 10 of business schools.

•UC Berkeley (Haas) in Berkeley, CA is a public school with annual enrollment of full-time students under 700, and annual tuition in the $12,000 range. It is a top business school in most rankings annually.

•Boston College (Carroll School) in Boston, MA has an annual enrollment under 2,000 and tuition hovering just under $40,000. The school has a ranking in the top 20 business school annually.

•NYU (Stern School) in New York has enrollment of less than 2,500, and annual tuition of around $40,000. Ranking in the top 20 business schools, graduates command a relatively high starting salary.

•University of North Carolina (Kenan-Flagler School) in Chapel Hill, NC is a public school with annual tuition around $6,000, and full-time enrollment under 650 students. The school maintains high rankings in annual ratings.

•College of William and Mary (Mason School) in Williamsburg, VA is a public school that ranks in the top 25 business schools. Annual tuition is less than $15,000 and full-time enrollment is under 500.

All school listed are quality schools. They range from public to private with low, medium, and high tuition costs.

Top Business Colleges – Graduate Degree Programs

Graduate programs also bear mentioning in top rankings for business schools. Again, the listed schools are not in any ranking order. Yearly tuition is an average of several years.

•Harvard University, MA – annual tuition $46,000
•Stanford Business School, CA – annual tuition $51,000
•Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan), MA – annual tuition $48,000
•Northwestern University (Kellogg), IL– annual tuition $49,000
•University of Chicago (Booth), IL – annual tuition $49,000
•University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), PA – annual tuition $46,000
•Dartmouth College (Tuck), NH – annual tuition $47,000
•University of California, Berkeley (Haas), CA – annual tuition $36,000 in-state, $46,000 out-of-state
•Columbia University, NY – $49,000
•New York University (Stern), NY – annual tuition $46,000

These top-ranked schools have rigorous admission criteria, but the cost of the schools are substantiated by annual salaries these degrees bring. Deciding on a top business college should take research not only the school’s academic offerings, but on social compatibility as well.

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