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Travel Deals From Canada - Finding the best travel deals to Canada

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Finding Canada travel deals is not too difficult once you know how and where to look. The important thing to remember when looking for the best travel deals to Canada or to any other destination is that it is best to start your search early.

Early bird gets the deal
Many discount travel deals are available simply because you reserve well in advance of your travel date. Airlines, rail companies, hotels and other travel businesses put a high value on money in the bank, so they offer incentives for those who reserve early.

Generally it is good to make reservations at least a month in advance, but often you can find discounts for even earlier bookings.

By starting your search for Canada travel deals early, you also give yourself more time to sort through the vast number of alternatives available. Usually it pays to consult with more than travel agent, even if the agent specializes in low cost travel. If you prefer to book travel yourself, then the extra time is of even greater importance.

Look for travel consolidators
Many firms specialize in consolidating bookings for airline tickets. By booking whole flights or groups of seats in advance, these consolidators are able to get special discounts well below the regular price.

Consolidators tend to be located in cities that specialize in “bucket shops” like London and Hong Kong. However, using the internet you can easily find companies that offer consolidated airline tickets. Note that the lowest priced airline tickets often involve longer flights with more stops, so you may need to sacrifice comfort for cost savings. Canada-based airlines offer the best schedules for domestic flights and they include Air Canada, WestJet and Porter Airlines.

Traveling by rail
A good way to see Canada’s many natural wonders is to travel by rail. If you are entering Canada from the United States, you can also cross the border by train.

The CanRail pass System offers excellent discounts for those who want to take extended rail excursions across the country. The pass allows multiple trips across Canada in Economy class for a 21-day period. VIA Rail Canada (http://www.viarail.ca/en/fares/travel-passes/canrailpass) also offers a number of other discount packages for rail travelers.

VIA Rail is rated highly and many low season travel deals can offer discounts of up to 75 percent or more.

Internet travel agencies
A number of online websites make searching for travel deals relatively easy. Among the most popular of these are Yahoo Travel, Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline and Hotwire.

Generally these sites offer one or more travel search engines that allow you to look for tickets, rooms and other travel reservations. On Yahoo Travel, for example, you can search for flights, hotel, car, cruise and vacation rental reservations on their homepage search engine. Simply enter your departure and arrival locations and dates along with the number of adults and children that will be traveling. The best deals for Canada and other travel destinations are often available for joint bookings, i.e. when you book your flight and hotel, or your flight, hotel and car together.

Last minute deals
Although you generally will do better to prepare well ahead of time, if you do not mind traveling on a flexible schedule, you can also benefit from last minute Canada travel deals.

In order to fill up openings at the last minute, companies will often slash prices by up to 70 percent or more. Of course, this will mean not having a reserved flight up until the time those deals are available, so this alternative may not be for everyone.

Package deals
For those that do not mind traveling on a fixed itinerary, packaged tours to Canada can offer significant savings. A fully-packaged deal can include airline tickets, transfers, hotel, meals, guided tours and nighttime activities.

As the packages are all reserved in advance, travelers get discounts on everything included in the package and that can add up quite impressively. The main drawback to a Canadian travel package is that your schedule is fixed in advance and you must follow it to benefit from all the savings. If you prefer more spontaneous travel, then you will do better to arrange things on your own.

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