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Web Site Register - Registering a Website Domain -- Why it's Important

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For anyone that intends to be a serious webmaster, knowing the process behind web site domain registration is crucial. For anyone that desires their own web domain, registering is a necessary process that involves several steps. Thankfully it is a simple process; website domain registration is tailored to appeal to even the lowest common denominator on the web, and is literally so easy that a child could do it with their parents’ help. However, knowing how to carry out website domain registration is still something that individuals must be willing to learn. Moreover, it is a necessary step for those that desire their site to have an air of greater professionalism and legitimacy, even if they are taking advantage of a free hosting package.

On the web, domain registries maintain lists of possible domains that can be taken out. Some are available for a year, some for two, some longer and some shorter, all at different price points. The cost of a domain frequently is dependent upon such factors as how much competition there is surrounding it, how similar it is to other moneymaking domains, what suffix it carries, and etcetera. All of these factors must be navigated in making the decision to purchase a domain name.

Web site domain registration give a site an air of individuality that will otherwise be lacking. Many sites exist as divisions of other sites, but they will be forever nothing more than facets of the larger product if they do not differentiate themselves with their own title. Not unlike familial names, domain names determine the origin of a site. Anyone can change the first name that carries a certain component of the identity, but unless a full domain is purchased, the surname will remain the same and effectively link the site to its original family—or chain it there, depending on one’s view. This is advantageous in some instances, and there is no reason to pursue website domain registration, but most of the time it denotes that the site is inferior in some way, even if a conscious decision to regard the site as such is not made.

Website domain registration sets sites apart by giving them their own unique titles. Having a .com or .net address rather than a .info or .biz further grants the site a greater air of legitimacy and trust, as it demonstrates a certain amount of care and effort invested. Even if these feelings are irrational, the truth remains that web users are visceral creatures, not cerebral. Setting the tone is important, as is appealing to the immediate reaction, rather than the long-term thought.

What domain name is purchased is also relevant. Shorter domains are better, if they are concise; abbreviated domain names can look unprofessional and sloppy. A balance must be struck between convenience, the mnemonic impact of how well the address is remembered, and how well it shows in search results. The more comprehensible the address to the human mind, in general, the better it is.

Web domain registration is a central mainstay of the web industry—a solid, unflinching standard that says a lot about every individual site on the web. The presence or lack of a unique URL can make all the difference in differentiating two sites from each other and can spell out which will be successful and which will fall flat. It is a process that all serious webmasters, bloggers and online businessmen must comprehend and comprehend well, if they intend to be profitable, solvent and relevant online.

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