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West Hollywood Home - Unique Living in a West Hollywood Home

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In 1894, Moses Sherman bought much of the land that today comprises West Hollywood as headquarters for the Los Angeles Pacific Railway Co. necessitating employee housing, and the town called “Sherman" started to grow and grew fast and became known as “The Queen of the Foothills.” By the roaring 20’s, Sunset Strip had become the place for nightclubs and casinos.
Then in 1925, Chaplin, Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks bought small film studios near Santa Monica Blvd., the City’s name became “West Hollywood” and immense growth began and led to the West Hollywood home for today’s buyer.
Ultimately, West Hollywood (WeHo) incorporated on November 29, 1984 with the Hollywood Hills neighborhood of LA on the north, the LA Districts of Fairfax and Hollywood on the south and east, and the city of Beverly Hills on the west forming the borders and rather unusual shape of West Hollywood.
The city now boast a diverse population of about 35000, 55% male and 45% female with an average age of 39. Occupancies average 2.5 persons per “unit.” Of note, the gay or lesbian population is a third of the overall population and there is a large Jewish population including a neighborhood comprised mostly of recent Russian immigrants. WeHo also claims the “Largest Singles” population in LA County. On weekends, the population swells to 78,000 with visitors taking advantage of WeHo’s shopping, dining, and entertainment.
Commercial corridors, north to south, begin with legendary Sunset Blvd. with its unique restaurants and clubs where live music remains a nightlife mainstay. Next comes Santa Monica Blvd. with its diverse mixture of shops, boutiques, restaurants, and adjacent neighborhoods.
In particular, Santa Monica Blvd. connecting LA with the Pacific Ocean is nowhere more diverse, fun, and pedestrian-friendly than WeHo’s almost two-mile section between La Brea Avenue and Doheny Drive and host to the Helen Albert Certified Farmers Market, the Russian Nights Festival, and the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval or the “largest street party in the world."
Finally, there are The Avenues, actually Melrose and Robertson Avenues and Beverly Blvd., that serve as the economic center of the West Coast’s design industry and together provide a collection of showrooms, shops and galleries covering 1.5 million square feet. Best of all, a pedestrian can easily walk from first to last.
No subdivisions surrounding golf courses or one-acre lots, a typical West Hollywood home is on a small residential lot laid out on a pedestrian friendly, compact urban grid amidst a mixture of land uses. Most home listings note their location as a short walk to, just minutes from, or few steps to a nearby shopping and entertainment center. Typical listed street include Betty Way, the Betty Triangle, Norma Place, and the Norma Triangle; Dorrington, N Laurel, Fountain, Sweetzer, and Rosewood Avenues; and Norwich, Huntley, Shoreham, and N. Doheny Drives.
To find that perfect home in a neighborhood that suites your needs, it is particularly important to find an agent/broker who knows the ins and outs of the city like a resident. If a West Hollywood home was built pre-war or soon after in the 50’s, a 2 BR house is common. However, most homes built later are more likely to list as 3 BR. To complicate the situation; however, many of the 3 and more BR listings are original 2 or 3 BR main houses with a separate 1 BR “cottage” with bath and sometimes even a full kitchen that can also serve as an office, in-law apt., or rental property.
As a result, it is in some ways difficult to categorize West Hollywood home prices. Nevertheless, as a guide, a 2 BR West Hollywood home will fall in the $600K-$1M range and a 3 BR at $900K-$1.3M. A larger West Hollywood home of newer construction may require $2M or above. Of course, a West Hollywood home can be a high-rise condominium with a possible view of the ocean, hills, LA, Sunset Blvd. or Melrose Avenue. Studios and 1 BR luxury condominiums fall in the $400K-$700K range. One BR Town Houses or converted smaller condominium buildings usually without all the extras are less expensive at $300K-$500K. Two BR luxury condominiums come in at $500K-$800K while a luxury 3 BR unit will be around $1M except for a large luxury penthouse with balconies and views at around $1.5M.

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