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Decatur Homes For Sale - Real Estate in Decatur, Illinois

decatur single family homes

Decatur is a small metropolitan city in Illinois that sits between Lake Decatur and the Sangamon River. It is known for its soybean production that has placed it in the largest city for soybean production in the world. It is the previous home of Abraham Lincoln and has a population of over 100,000 people that enjoy the many parks, Abraham Lincoln Library, and many historical homes that the city has to offer. The downtown area of Decatur still has many buildings standing that were built in 1823. Decatur is a sprawling city with new developments popping up all around the city. Decatur can also be seen as a college town as it is home to a large university called Millikin University. The city is also known for its many parks. It was rated as “Park City USA” because the city has eight different parks spread through out the city. Decatur, Illinois became famous after the movie The Informant was released in theaters about a real life case involving price fixing that was the main focus of a high profile case which put Decatur on the map as having one of the biggest corporate crime cases to ever be documented in the history of the United States. Decatur is also home to illustrious ghost tours that have been the longest running tours in the state. The ghost tours were created by famous author Troy Taylor after writing his popular book “Haunted Decatur.”

The lakes, garden areas, Decatur’s Scovill Zoo, and parks are what keep people moving to Central Illinois to experience everything that Decatur has to offer. With the higher cost of the real estate market many families are looking to purchase condominiums and town homes as their preferred home of choice. Decatur has many condominiums and town homes on offer. There are also many single family and multifamily homes available in the Decatur area. Home buyers can find homes in Decatur or its neighboring city of Forsyth.

Decatur Single Family Homes

There are many spacious resales of one and two story single family homes in Decatur that have 2 and 3 bedrooms with one and two bathrooms available with price ranges that go below $100,000. A beautiful 3 bedroom ranch home in Decatur with brand new carpet in the bedrooms, hardwood floors in the living room, and a patio with french doors that lead out from the living room is on offer. It has a large open kitchen and a spacious living room. The kitchen has all brand new appliances with a built in microwave and dishwasher. The kitchen cabinets are all painted white which makes the kitchen look much roomier. The front and backyards are spacious and very well manicured with green lawns. It is in a very nice neighborhood that is also near schools. The home is going for under $80,000.

Decatur has another large 3 bedroom ranch house that is going for under $65,000 that is immaculate with beautiful light hardwood floors, wide open living room with large picture windows, large dining room that can fit a table and chairs, plus a computer desk, the bedrooms are also large with square walk in closets that look as big as a room. The living room has a pine built in entertainment center and book shelf that compliments the hardwood floors and paint. This home is near Lake Decatur so families will have plenty of fishing, boating, swimming, and fun while also being close to many shopping centers and restaurants.

A Decatur Lake and Ranch Home is located on Lake Decatur that has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 2 half bathrooms. It is the ultimate in luxury for any family that is looking for a home under $600,000. It has a long row of stairs that lead up to an angular walkway which leads up to the house. The inside corridor and the rest of the house looks like a mansion with extended roofs, a cozy library with a fire place and built in cabinets and shelves for books. The living room is a large mansion like open space with five large picture windows that reach the ceiling. There are three fireplaces in this home, and the bedrooms each have their own full bathrooms with walk in closets. There is an elevator and two kitchens in the decadent spacious home.

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