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Best Car Prices - How to Negotiate the Best Car Prices

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Many people who wish to buy a new vehicle feel that the best way to get excellent car prices is to negotiate with the salesperson. This is usually the case when a person is buying a used car, and knowing how to negotiate could save the buyer hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Below are some helpful hints for negotiating the purchase price of a vehicle.

Keep negotiations friendly. When trying to negotiate for the best car prices, it is essential to keep the conversation casual and friendly. The buyer should avoid getting too serious and should try to keep a sense of humor.

Take control of talks about finances. If the salesman asks the buyer what they were searching for in regards to monthly payments, the person should tell them that they are only interested in discussing the selling price of the vehicle. Save discussions about financing until after the final selling price is determined. It is necessary for the buyer to stay focused on their goals and not allow the dealer to steer the conversation into a different direction.

Make an offer. Before the buyer begins the negotiation process, he should have a defined spending limit. This is the maximum amount of money the buyer should pay for the vehicle. The buyer should tell the dealer that they are prepared to make an offer on the vehicle.

The first offer should be below the person’s actual buying goal. The first offer should be at a price that would equate to the fair value paid, if the transaction was made between private parties. This “private party” price is several thousands of dollars below the dealer’s list price. The buyer should also add that he or she is not in a hurry to buy a vehicle, but they would be willing to sign the paperwork and drive the car off the lot if the manager accepts the offer.

Be quiet. After someone makes an offer, the person that speaks first is in the weaker position of negotiation. The buyer should remain silent and wait for the dealer to say something. In all likelihood, he or she will say that the offer is too low to create a deal. The buyer should repeat the fact that by assuring him, or her, the best car prices the dealer will get a vehicle off of their lot with a minimum amount of time and energy.

Anticipate the counteroffer. The dealer will try and do what he can to get the buyer to raise their bid. He would not want to take such a low offer to his manager. The buyer should hold strong and not raise the bid, despite the pressure he may be putting on him. The buyer should insist that he may be able to get that price at a different dealership, and they could offer to write a deposit check, as a sign of good faith. At some point, the dealer will then walk to the sales manager’s office to discuss the deal. Once the salesperson puts a counteroffer on the table, the buyer should think about the offer for a few minutes before upping his bid. It is also crucial to raise an offer by small increments up to $200 at one time. This will help to ensure that the buyer receives the best car prices.

Prepare to be tested. While trying to negotiate for the best car selling prices, it is vital to know that the dealer will say things to test the buyer’s negotiating skills. The buyer should repeat their general argument and suggest that they go elsewhere if the dealer tries to push them into a higher price. The main focus of the dealer is preventing the buyer from leaving the dealership.

Freeze when they reach the set limit. There is a possibility that the negotiations will take the vehicle price to the buyer’s pre-set spending limit. At this point, the buyer needs to remain firm to their plan. They should tell the dealer that they have reached their limit and will not be raising the price any further. It is essential to remain casual and good humored during this time. Once the dealer realizes that the buyer is seriously not going to raise their offer, they will either sell him the car, or reject the offer. Either way, the potential buyer can feel confident that they did everything that they could to try and negotiate for the best car prices. They will also be well prepared to get the best deal on car prices the next time they attempt to negotiate with a dealer.

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