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Calgary Car Rental - Car Rental Calgary

city river bow streets

The City On The Prairie
Calgary Alberta Canada is a bustling business city by day. By night, it twinkles like a million stars in the dome of its enormous sky. The interesting thing about Calgary is how easy it is to get around this town of nearly a million people. Think of Calgary proper as the hub of business spreading into open prairie with lovely homes, amazing sites and Calgarians who make you feel right at home. Most tourist sites in Calgary are within walking distance. If neatness and organization are urban virtues, Calgary deserves credit for the most well organized streets that make it easy to find just about anything in a few minutes. The secret to Calgary’s neat arrangement of streets is the Bow River.

All tourists need to remember is that streets are designated in precise proximity to the Bow River. The Bow River intersects Calgary from the lovely interlude it creates traversing from the southern part of this glorious city, northward and west past Stampede Park and Bowness. For example, 17th Avenue SW refers to the 17th street southwest of the Bow River. Because Calgary is such a large, exciting city, tourists may prefer to travel via rental car.

Arrival In Calgary – Airport Car Rentals
Car rental Calgary is easy. One may make arrangements at time of arrival at Calgary Airport in the northern part of the city. As with most airports, a number of car rental agents are available at Calgary International Airport. Tourists find this convenient, especially if they plan to arrive in time for the world’s largest rodeo, “The Calgary Stampede” held for ten days in July. If this is the plan, book far in advance as Calgary hotels may not have vacancies six months prior to Stampede and its “not to be missed” events.

Getting Around Calgary
To see more picturesque sites a car rental will be necessary even though the city’s famous pedestrian bridge is a boon to shoppers and tourists alike. Along Stephen Avenue, there are 100 works of art to view as well as Olympia Plaza where 1988 winter games medal ceremonies took place.

Calgary is fascinating all seasons of the year. Winter brings an ethereal glow to Calgary with skating, ice sculpting and curling activities to patronize. Spring starts a little later in this city in the Great White North. When it does, the immense sky is brilliant azure, trees bud in youthful shades of lime and Calgary’s friendly people emerge in joyous delight on city streets.

Although summer brings people from around the globe to see the sights, there’s something quite special about Calgary summers. You might not need to use air conditioning in your rental car even though the temperature reachrd 80 degrees with a bright sunshine. Summer breezes here are cool and evenings thoroughly enjoyable. For lovers of fall foliage, travel along the Bow River to the most amazing sight of golden aspens and crystal clear water. You will want a rental car to visit numerous restaurants with a wide variety of cuisines for dinner. There are a number of privately owned car rental businesses in the center of town as well as the more familiar ones.

Having car rental Calgary easily accessible means a wider selection of available rental cars. Try to choose the type of car carefully. Venturing to more rustic areas of Calgary at the outer edges of the city like Fishcreek Provincial Park, may mean you’ll need a sturdier vehicle. The same is true of Heritage Park. For Calgary proper, a moderate vehicle will do just fine for daily travel. You won’t find many traffic jams during Calgary mornings or later in the evening. Obviously, during the business hours there might be heavier traffic. Yet, the configuration of the roadways in Calgary are such that getting around town is a pleasure.

Tips On Car Rental In Calgary
When choosing car rental, decide how immediate your needs will be. Most of the major car rental companies are available at the airport. Should you need to rent a vehicle a few days into your visit, there are a number of smaller car rental Calgary agents you’ll find easily on your walking tours.

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