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Frankfurt Germany Travel - Visit The Famous Financial District And More When Embarking On Frankfurt Germany Travel

the financial district old opera house frankfurt germany travel fun facts

What city in the world that is not Chicago is famous for its eleven skyscraper buildings, with said buildings also serving as one of the top tourist attractions of the city at the same time?

Those who guessed Frankfurt, Germany are correct!

However, seeing the buildings and their respective gargantuan heights is not the only reason for Frankfurt Germany travel, as those who put this German city on their touring itinerary do so to see a list of other attractions as well.

The Financial District

There are approximately 300 different banks located in the Frankfurt Financial District. The district also enjoys the distinction of the largest and busiest financial center on the entire European continent.

The European Central Bank, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and the German Federal Bank hold their central quarters in the Financial District, while also sharing the space with several other large national and international banks of the commercial variety.

The Three Famous Frankfurt Trade Fairs

Three big trade fairs are held in Frankfurt each year, all of which help to contribute to the economy while putting this city on the map of places to visit.

The first trade fair is the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung, which has the title of largest motor show in the world.

The second trade fair to take place in Frankfurt is the Frankfurter Buchmesse book fair, again being the world’s largest in terms of events celebrating the public’s love of books.

Third in line is the music fair, once more being the world’s largest trade event of its kind.

Called the Musik Messe and held in the earlier part of March, this event provides a huge variety of musical instruments for viewing and purchase as well. In addition, fair attendees can explore the lighting and sound reinforcing equipment offered, among other new products invented for the music world.

Old Opera House

Frankfurt’s Old Opera House was built in 1880 by an architect of the time named Richard Lucae. But, it was almost completely destroyed during the bombing of World War II.

There were not any plans to rebuild the ruins until pressure from the German public caused the city to take the time to restore it. Reopened in 1981, the Old Opera House now serves as a concert hall.

Frankfurt Germany Travel Fun Facts

Frankfurt is the fifth largest city found in the country of Germany.

The city itself is located on a ford on the River Main and is home to one of the most busy international airport in the world.

Travelers who opt for sightseeing by train will find that the Frankfurt Central Station is one of the largest of the European terminal stations. In addition, the Autobahn Interchange has the distinction of being the busiest interchange system within the continent of Europe, making the task of getting around the city a much easier one to accomplish.

Frankfurt is known as the second most expensive city in the country of Germany, while it ranks number 48 on the list of the most expensive places to live in the world.

Those of German descent are not the only folks to be residing in Frankfurt, as the city is also home to people who belong to 180 other various nationalities from around the world. Italy, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Romania, China, Japan, Korea, Austria, India, and the United States are just some of the former locales where a majority of current Frankfurt residents used to live before immigrating to this German city.

Individuals who do pay to live in the city can rest assured that Frankfurt also ranks in the top ten for most livable cities in the world based on such factors as culture, attractions and entertainment, and dining options.

One of the warmest cities within the German border, Frankfurt Germany travel requires a visitor to pack lightly in order to be cool and comfortable while walking around the area in summer. Likewise, more mild and cool winters require the traveler to take along a light jacket for evening warmth.

Whether it’s the Financial District, Old Opera House, or a journey through one of the three Frankfurt trade fairs, Frankfurt Germany travel is a rewarding way to get a taste of German life.

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