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Free Game Websites - What You'll Find on Free Game Websites

a bit about flash independent developers

The best price for games is always free. Independent game developers, spurred by increasing use of the Internet and more effective ways to make money online, have taken their games to various free game websites around the Internet. Most free game websites are also developers, such as Armor Games, Kongregate, and Newgrounds, though the relationship between developers and game websites is somewhat vague. Basically, game websites pay developers according to how popular their games are, and they are themselves paid by advertisers according to the same thing.

A Bit About Flash

Regardless of how the money flows, the fact remains that free game websites are now incredibly viable, thus new free games crop up all the time. Most free games are coded with Flash, a versatile language perfectly designed for visual, interactive online play – in other words, for games. Flash is known for being easy enough for amateurs to use, but deep enough for masters to create products that rival professionally-developed games in scope. Most Flash games, however, are short and sweet.

Types of Games on Free Game Websites

You will find nearly anything you’re looking for on free game websites, including games that you’d never see marketed for paid consumption. These include the ubiquitous “tower defense” games, action games with unique mechanics and protagonists, unusual RPGs with surprisingly deep storylines, and “indie” games which combine creative gameplay, poetic art sequences, and writing that makes you think about the world. Puzzle games also featured highly on free game websites. The short, sweet element of most free games means that twisting the mind to think in interesting ways, rather than providing photo-realistic graphics, is the main goal of free game developers.

Some of the more interesting, popular free games are known as “meta-games,” which point out common tropes within games through unique gameplay. For gamers who enjoy laughing at themselves and how they’ve been conditioned to act and react in games, these meta-games are some of the most enjoyable games out there. The most interesting thing about them is, because they wouldn’t be able to sell directly to consumers for money, they are more viable when given to consumers for free, through free game websites.

Other Elements of Free Game Websites

The most popular free game websites include some form of social interaction, either through free multiplayer online games or through chat rooms where you can talk with fellow gamers while you explore all that the free game site has to offer. Also included in many gaming websites is a “ranking” system where the more games you play, the higher your rank becomes. This allows the use of the game website to become a game in and of itself, as you compete with friends to play more games and go up in rank.

You can also highly rate games that you enjoy, which will usually put money in developers’ pockets. Most gaming websites have contests for their developers that revolve around which games get the highest ratings over a week or a month. These contests provide developers with an additional financial incentive to produce the best free games they can. If you enjoy free games, visit the free game websites and rate your favorite games highly! Game developers often don’t get paid that much for what they do, so do your part to help your favorite games out.

Independent Developers

Independently developed games are often much more creative than corporately-funded games, simply because it’s not as big a deal if a lot of people don’t like them. If you’re bored with the endless string of Madden or Fifa or other game franchises, and you want to try something new and interesting, you should visit free game websites for a blast of creative potential. Even if you don’t like nine out of ten of the games, the tenth one is likely to be something you’ve never considered in a million years, and it’ll be that much more enjoyable because of it. Because free games are so short and sweet, you don’t have to spend much time with them before you realize what they’re all about, so you can flip through them like channels on a TV before you find the perfect gaming experience for you.

Visit free game websites today and check out what they have to offer!

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