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Get High School Diploma - High School Diplomas Obtained Online

types of online schools earning a high school diploma sample academic high school diploma: sample general high school diploma:

In this economy, trying to get a good job without a high school diploma is challenging. There are convenient ways to earn a high school diploma. An online high school diploma can be earned at an individual’s pace and convenience. No longer do hours have to be spent in a classroom in order to earn a high school diploma.

High School Diplomas

More and more, students are deciding to earn a high school diploma online. These are not General Education Diplomas (GEDs), but actual high school education diplomas. Distance learning has traditionally been for the student who needed to stay at home, generally for health reasons. Students are discovering that there is less distraction, a greater ability to concentrate, and the opportunity to work at their own pace, through online diploma schools.

For the individual who wants to obtain a GED high school diploma, there are online classes available. This option is great for the individual who has to work during the day, but wants to obtain the diploma at their own time and pace.

Parents should ensure that the student is emotionally ready to earn a high school diploma online, as it requires motivation and diligence. Working independently can be lonely for a student, so ensuring that there is a network of peers with whom they can interact is very important.

Types of Online Schools

There are public and private online schools. Before determining which school will be best suited for the student, some research needs to be done.

An online school can claim that it is licensed, but that is not the same as being an accredited school. The Regional Accreditation Board should be contacted to ensure that the online school is fully accredited. This will enable the student to earn a high school diploma that is legitimate and will be accepted at colleges and universities.

Private online high schools are like regular private schools in that they set their own regulations and learning philosophies. Public schools are under government regulations and controlled by the state and local communities. Tuition is charged in private high schools, including hardware and software costs.

Universities are starting to offer online high school diplomas. Since they are aligned with well-known universities, their standards and criteria will be widely accepted.

Earning a High School Diploma

Students work at their own pace in online classes, with an allowable timeframe for course completion. Once the student completes a section, they take tests to ensure they have mastered the work. Teachers check the work, and can provide extra help when needed. There is interaction between students and teachers, as well as students and their peers.

Once teachers correct examinations and the student passes the course they can go on to the next level of coursework. Upon completion of all required coursework, the student is awarded a high school diploma.

Students earning a high school diploma online can either earn an academic diploma or a general diploma. Coursework will include:

Sample academic high school diploma:

•9th Grade – Language Arts Literature I, World History, Algebra, Earth Science
•10th Grade – Language Arts Literature II, American History, Geometry, Life Science
•11th Grade – Language Arts Literature III, Government & Economics, Algebra II, Physical Science
•12th Grade – Language Arts Literature IV, Consumer Skills, Elective

Sample general high school diploma:

•9th Grade – Language Arts Literature I, Environmental Science, Consumer Math, World History
•10th Grade – Language Arts Literature II, Human Biology and Health, Applied Math, American History
•11th Grade – Language Arts Literature III, US Government & Economics, Electives
•12th Grade – Language Arts Literature IV, Consumer Skills, Electives

Obtaining a GED Online

The GED test cannot be taken online. But an individual can take study classes and practice tests online to prepare for taking the actual GED test at an approved testing center. The online study and testing courses are worth taking, as they give the individual feedback on coursework studied, and the opportunity to take practice tests to determine level of knowledge. Beware of the “diploma mills” that offer a GED for a price. The GED’s will not be universally accepted as legitimate, and they are a waste of money.

A high school diploma can be earned online, as well as assistance in passing examinations for a GED high school diploma.

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