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London Travel Deals - How to Find London Travel Deals

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For the best London travel deals, schedule airline departures for off-peak days. Many different factors enter into the equation to calculate off–peak days. Business travelers usually leave Monday morning and return Friday evening. Therefore, flights on Mondays and Fridays are easy to fill and less likely to be discounted. Vacation travelers usually depart on a Friday and return on a Sunday in order to extend a vacation without utilizing additional work leave. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday flights are the most likely days to find discounted tickets. With fewer passengers on these flights than are on peak flights, airlines are eager to offer lower rates in order to fill seats. Looking deeper into the discounts, Wednesday is the cheapest day of the three on which to fly. Airline travel surcharges, which are $30.00 each way during peak travel times, are only $10.00 each way on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Book flights for one person at a time, even if several people are traveling to and from the same destination. While this advice may seem counterintuitive, it will save money. As a society, consumers are taught to buy in bulk in order to achieve greater discounts. The popularity of warehouse shopping demonstrates this theory in practice. With airline tickets, the urge to buy in bulk is even greater. After all, seats are limited. A group of four would prefer to sit near one another. It would certainly prefer to all be on the same plane. However, when booking airline tickets, the computer system searches for available seating for all four members of the group at one time. If the airline has one or two seats available at a discounted rate, the computer will ignore those seats since the search requested four seats. Booking one person at a time guarantees that each person receives the best available price for any particular flight. While not everyone in the group will pay the same rate, the average ticket price will be lower if each ticket is booked separately. The seats may not all be in the same row. However, both ends of the plane arrive in London at the same time, making this a travel deal that should not be missed. Review the change and cancellation policies prior to booking. Discounted tickets may not provide the same flexibility as full-price tickets.

Fly in and out of main hub airports, for the best deals on traveling to London. Within the London metropolitan area, there are several airports to choose from. They are Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted, Southampton and City airports. The two largest hubs are Heathrow and Gatwick. Generally, the larger the airport is, the greater the competition is for each traveler. After all, an airline would rather sell a discounted ticket than fly with empty seats. However, different carriers serve different airports in London.

Many of the European discount carriers fly out of Gatwick airport. Examples include RyanAir and EasyJet. Major airlines, which service international locations, generally, fly out of Heathrow airport.

While it is convenient to fly out of an airport that is located only one half hour from home, it is also costly. Flying out of a small airport can add anywhere from $150.00 to $400.00 to the cost of each ticket each way. Research other methods of transportation to the hub airport. Taking the train to New York may take longer than flying, but it will probably cost far less.

Finally, plan the airport destination according to the itinerary. The best London travel deal becomes costly when the plane lands at an airport that is a distance from the hotel. As mentioned previously, six main airports serve the London area, with the London City airport located in the heart of the city and the Southampton airport approximately 76 miles from the city. Explore different methods of travel from the airport into London. Taxis are the fastest and most expensive option – costing as much as $150.00. Several of the airports offer train service into the city. To save even more, check out the Underground (subway) schedules. While not the fastest mode of transportation, the Underground does allow a traveler to fully immerse himself in London culture before ever reaching the hotel. To save even more money, do not exchange currency at the airport. Exchange rates in the city are much more favorable.

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