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Make Money Online Surveys - How to Make Money By Taking Online Surveys

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There are dozens of legitimate companies online that want you to answer general questions about all kinds of consumer products and services. In exchange for your honest opinions, they will reward you with gift cards or cash. If you spend several hours online every week, why not spend an hour or two and earn a few dollars?

Now, keep in mind, you will not get rich doing this. You can, however, make a little extra cash via check or PayPal, or gift cards for frequently used sites such as amazon.com.

Companies such as HarrisPollsonline.com and Zoompanel.com allow you to accumulate points for each survey you complete. Upon earning a minimum number of points, you can exchange those points for gifts, cash or even charity donation. The sites will initially ask you for some personal information. Generally, they want your demographics, such as where you live, your age, your income level, and your race. They will also ask for your address phone number and email address. Your personal data is completely safe with each individual company and no information will ever be given out to a third party. They may ask you more details about what you like to do, the kind of products you purchase, and where you like to go in order to send more personalized surveys to you. Usually, they will send you a confirmation email first and then, you will simply be emailed surveys to take. Often you will be required to create a user name and password to access your survey and rewards statement balances.

Some online companies such as synovate.com, mysurveys.com, myopinionpoll.com, globaltestmarket.com and toluna.com will also give you minimal points for attempting to complete a survey. In other words, even if you don’t meet their client’s demographic for a particular survey, they will give you a few points for the attempt. This is a great way to earn money online. It is simple, often fun and requires no upfront cost at all. As a matter of fact, most reward you for referring friends and colleagues to join as well.

Getting paid to take online surveys is fun and easy. Some surveys can take as long as a half an hour to complete and can be tedious, but most are straight forward and simple. Some companies have clients who want their products tested and honest opinions given. Common things that may get you free products to try are body washes, shampoos or hair conditioners, razors and shaving cream, cereal, and feminine products. You agree to accept a free full size product to try for a few weeks and simply complete a survey regarding how well you liked or didn’t like the product. Many of these products are worth five dollars or more. Plus, of course, you get to continue to use the product after the online survey is completed.

Making money while doing online surveys is an easy no commitment way to earn a few extra dollars. The companies really want your honest opinions, so please don’t go on, and check random boxes without even reading the questions. Often they sneak in a test question, such as “for quality control purposes, please check 5 for this response” to guard against this.

Most companies will allow you to trade your points in for a check or PayPal deposit. It’s fun to make money while taking online surveys.

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