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Miami Beach Motels - Motels in Miami Beach

sunbrite apartment suite hotel catalina hotel hollywood suite hostel chesterfield hotel chelsea hotel the loews hotel fontainebleau hotel

Miami Beach is considered one of the most superior beach resorts in the United States. It sits on a barrier island that separates the beach from the city. People who spend time at the beach can see the towering sky line of the buildings in the downtown area of Miami. There are many historical art deco style boutique motels in Miami Beach that have any type of budget of in mind. There are luxurious motels and cheaper budget motels and hostels on the beach and in surrounding areas of downtown Miami and Hollywood, Florida. Most notably are the Chesterfield Hotel, Catalina Hotel, Riviera Hotel, Sunbrite Hotel, Whitelaw Hotel, Hotel Shelley, Mercury Resort, Metropole South Beach, and Hotel Chelsea. Many of the hotels will have penthouses and suites with Jacuzzi’s on the rooftops, splash pools, courtyard pools, and gourmet kitchens. Others will have private and outdoor terraces, as well as cabanas. They will also have wonderful cuisine restaurants and free continental breakfasts. They will all be close to the beach, restaurants, nightclubs, shopping centers, and entertainment.

Miami Beach Hotels:

Sunbrite Apartment Suite Hotel

This is an apartment suite hotel located in Miami Beach that have extended stay options. The rooms come with hardwood floors, fully furnished, and big screen televisions.

Catalina Hotel

The Catalina Hotel was built in the 1930s in Miami Beach. It is a beach club bar and luxury hotel with outdoor patio restaurants with umbrellas, terrace, large pool area, roof top pools, and pristine white art deco guest rooms with large one and two beds in each room.

Hollywood Suite Hostel

This is a reasonably priced boutique hostel in Hollywood, Florida, which is thirty miles away from Miami Beach. They come with suites that have art decorative rooms with different colors of paint. They will come with four twin size bunk beds, hardwood floors, small end table, small glass dining table, small kitchen, sitting area, and a television.

Chesterfield Hotel

The Chesterfield Hotel is a Safari hotel in Miami Beach that has beautiful Safari décor. It has two large queen size beds, chandelier, and a big screen television.

Chelsea Hotel

The luxurious Chelsea Hotel is located on the south end of Miami Beach. It has a tropical island look to it with private terraces and cabanas. It has a large queen size bed, a couch, television, and table and chairs.

The Loews Hotel

This is an enchanting art deco style hotel located on Miami Beach that has over seven hundred suites and rooms. With an entrance that passes a guest from the lobby to the courtyard in porte cochere fashion and rooms that look like high rise upscale condominiums, guests will not want to leave this place. The rooms come with designer Chadsworth and Haig doeskin robes, duvette blankets made by Frette, plasma flat screen televisions, balconies, large kitchens, fully furnished dining rooms and bedrooms with beautiful views of the city, beach, and the bay.

Fontainebleau Hotel

This is one of the oldest hotels in Miami Beach. It was considered one of the first luxury hotels ever built in Miami. There are three bars and three lounges in the hotel, a full-scale spa service, and a gym. The pool areas in the courtyard are surrounded by cabanas where guests can sit on decadent furniture while watching television on a big screen TV, or surfing the internet on their lap tops with wireless internet. Guests can also order food from a butler, or make a meal in the small kitchen area that has a refrigerator. This is just the courtyard. The suites are equipped with large picture windows that surround the room in sunlight and views of the beach. Balconies, large queen size beds, kitchen, and plasma televisions. They have a choice of junior suites, specialty suites, one and two bedroom suites, and guest rooms. All of the bathrooms come with marble bathtubs. Some of the one and two bedroom suites come with washers and dryers and fully equipped stainless steel kitchen appliances.

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