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Puerto Vallarta Vacation Packages - Tips To Get Cheap Puerto Vallarta Packages

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Puerto Vallarta is one of the most beautiful destinations in Mexico. The place is known for its friendly people, rich culture and pristine beaches and jungles. In addition, there are a lot of fun activities you can undertake while there. These include horseback riding, mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, sailing, board watching, tequila tasting among others.

Getting cheap Puerto Vallarta packages is not easy but also not impossible. You go on a low-budget vacation by cutting down on different travel costs. Below are some of the ways of cutting costs when planning your vacation:

a) Cut The Cost of Your Ticket
Airline ticket fares usually go north about 2 weeks to the date of departure. Plan your vacation well in advance and book early, possibly 6 to 12 months before the due date. You can expect to enjoy savings of between 10 to 30 percent of the total cost of the ticket during departure date.

Also, you can look for last minute Puerto Vallarta package deals from airlines. Sometimes, airlines reach the departure date without having sold all seats. Therefore, they offer the seats at discounted rates to last minute rush travelers. Call the airline booking agent and find out whether there are unsold seats or canceled tickets that you can take advantage of.

If your travel will last a few days, you can book a return trip ticket. Return trip tickets are usually sold at a discounted rate since they are a form of early booking. However, find out the departure date of the airline from Puerto Vallarta to find out whether a return trip ticket would be ideal.

b) Avoid Premium Accommodation Packages
Accommodation is another factor that makes Puerto Vallarta packages expensive. If you are on a low budget, there are many alternative accommodations that will suit you. Luxury travelers may prefer 5 star hotels while those on a modest budget can go for 3 star hotels. Young adults may prefer hostels or motels while senior citizens may prefer vacation homes or villas. Choose your accommodation to fit your budget.

Another way of saving on accommodation costs is to take only the necessary options in your accommodation package. For instance, you can opt not to receive room service if you are staying at a hotel and use public phones instead of room phones. This will reduce your overall cost without compromising the quality of accommodation.

Finally, avoid accommodation packages that are bundled together with car rental and meals. These two inclusions increase the costs of Puerto Vallarta packages. Instead, pay for meals on the spot in hotels or other eating joints you opt for. If you will need a car during your vacation, book it separately from your accommodation package.

c) Shop for the Best Puerto Vallarta Packages Deals
Going to Puerto Vallarta for the first time is something you may be looking forward to. However, planning for the trip is can be a lot of hassle and stressful. You have to find affordable air tickets, accommodation and transport means, in addition to ensuring you have the necessary travel documents. It is no wonder that most people prefer to search for Puerto Vallarta packages on the internet.

No doubt, you can get travel packages to Puerto Vallarta easily online. However, the tricky part is selecting the right affordable travel agent. You have to compare packages from different agents to find one that is within your budget. Look for budget travel agents online and check their costs. Also, use travel price comparison websites to find the best rates from travel agencies.

If you are a member of a nationwide professional association or club, you may enjoy further savings on travel. Some travel agencies have arrangements with different associations to offer their members travel packages at discounted rates. Find out whether you qualify for such travel discounts.

The above are some of the ways through which you can get affordable Puerto Vallarta packages. When you find affordable ticket and accommodation, you will have taken care of the major things that make vacations expensive. Look for ways to save a couple of bucks in everything you will be doing. You will be surprised that the total savings may end up to be thousands of dollars.

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