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What's Up Gold - What's Up? Gold Prices are Soaring out of Sight.

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Gold prices are going up still some are saying it is a good time to invest in gold. Although the price of gold is now beginning to rise, many gurus in this field are predicting that gold prices will soar much higher. So, if you want to make some safe investments, now is the time to invest in gold.

Many people are selling the gold they have to make some money in this poor economy. They sell gold jewelry, tea serving sets, decorative pins, motorcycles and anything else that is made of gold or has some amount of gold included. It would seem that if it were possible to wait for the large increase in gold prices that would be the way to go. Gold is predicted to go up far beyond its current price.

In some small towns across the US, companies and organizations looking to buy gold are holding buying periods and advertising them in local newspapers. One lasted for about 3-4 days and paid out over $2,000 for items from many local people. There are many needy people in this community that can use the cash.

As told by one major country, “It may be surprising that we are not known to have a strong idea about the future orientation of the price of gold. We do not profess to be experts at predicting market prices. We believe there are just a few people who could have continued success at predicting future gold prices whether up or down.”

We also point out obvious and possible basic factors, and let our customers make their own decisions. If one should ask, where is gold going? The answer is ‘up.’

In an attempt to foretell the future, it is necessary to study history, thereby to find what understanding we can gather from the past. In 1935 the US Treasury fixed the price of gold at a set price, and then again in February 1973 to a higher figure. Because of price changes and ups and downs, this increase was overdone. Gold has since then wavered downward until recently in the guise of current economic circumstances.

As the demand for gold throughout the world has consumed large amounts of Central banks’ gold stocks during the past decade, with a small lowering effect on prices, it is our intuition that gold prices will be more inclined to increase over the next few years than to decrease. We are certain the higher potential is now much stronger than the lower potential.

The cost of gold is getting higher as buyers have no certainties of trade and the dollar is not strong enough. There are government inconsistencies as to the value of the dollar and there is little confidence in other currencies. Gold tends to be the only currency that is stable.

A commodities investor announced today that gold could very well soar much higher during the next decade whether the economy improves or not. He also said, “Gold may slow down for a little while because of its intensely rise here in the last few weeks

This investor also talked about what he called ‘the failed policies of the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department’ as the chief reason gold will soar upward. He also said government efforts to support the economy have made things worse, instead of better.

In the meantime, the world’s wealthiest people have reacted to the economic uncertainty by buying gold bars, buying gold by the ton and also by taking assets away from the financial system. These people who purchase gold in such quantities are bank clients with assets of at least $50 million to invest.

The US government has noted its budget excess already disappearing and the economic stimulus package, together with the war on terrorism is almost surely to result in a significant deficit as it continues. It is also believed the government cannot stimulate the economy enough to ward off further big declines in the stock market. A declining economy and a restricted market should also have a nullifying impact on government acquisition, worsening the budget deficit. This will create an impact on US consumers.

Japan is one country, together with some smaller East Asian countries, that will have an incentive to sustain a strong dollar. A weaker dollar may be the best way for the US to go forward. It will be no surprise if the US government changes its position in support of a weaker dollar. This may help stimulate exports and recharge US manufacturing.

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