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Isp Service Providers - Information on Internet Service Providers - Dial Up Internet Service Providers, DSL Internet Service Providers

General Options and Pricing

cable transfer data speeds

For most internet users, long gone are the days of slow dial up internet, logging on to the annoying sound of static and fuzz, and waiting several minutes for a single image to load. As internet speeds have increased in recent years, so too have the number of internet service providers (the abbreviation ISP internet service providers is commonly used). For those who are looking for internet service providers, the task of finding a provider that fits their budget and needs can be overwhelming. However, with a little research, you should be able to find the ISP service provider that is right for you.

Dial Up Internet Service Providers

Although it is much more rare than it used to be, dial up ISP service providers can still be found. Most of the current dial up providers are significantly faster than the dial up that you may have used in the 1990s. However, this service is still much slower than other options. If you only use the internet for email and very basic text based web browsing, then this service could be for you. Companies like People PC, Total USA, and Netzero offer accelerated dial up services from about $10 per month. They typically have internet data transfer speeds starting at about 56Kbps (kilobytes per second).

DSL Internet Service Providers

If you need a faster internet speed but find that dial up ISP service providers are too slow, then a Digital Subscriber Line, or DSL, ISP provider might be right for you. With ideal data transfer speeds starting at around 1 Mbps (megabytes per second). In many cases, however, actual transfer speeds are closer to 125 to 200Kbps. With DSL service, your telephone line is still used as the means of data transfer, but since the transfer is exclusively devoted to digital data transfer, it can operate at a higher speed. Companies like Verizon, Qwest, or AT&T have DSL services that start at around $20, provided that you have phone service with them as well. If you do not have a home phone line, they can install DSL service as well, but this typically comes with an added charge so the service starts at $25 to $30.

Cable Modem Internet Service Providers

The fastest internet service providers are typically cable modem ISPs. Although many cable ISPs also have a transfer speed of about 1Mbps, in actual practice the transfer speed is closer to 600Kbps. For the higher end cable ISP packages, transfers speeds can reach 6 or 7 Mbps. In any case, the actual data transfer speed for cable modem ISPs is almost always faster than DSL service providers. Therefore, if you are an internet gamer, watch TV or movies through internet streaming, or do other high volume data transfers, cable internet providers are probably your best bet. However, as would be expected, cable ISP service is more expensive as well. Although cable providers like Comcast typically offer introductory rates for $20 per month for the first six months or year, the average rate for cable internet service is actually closer to $35 or $40. Most companies that offer cable TV usually have a discount bundle or package deal with a flat rate for both cable TV and cable internet.

Once you determine what you internet needs are, then a little research should quickly lead you to the right ISP. With so many options on the market now, you should have little trouble finding a provider that fits your internet needs and budget.

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