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Bench Dining Table - Buying a Bench Dining Table

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Kitchens have become a growing focus of modern homebuilders and interior designers. After having gone through a spell of becoming smaller and more efficient, larger kitchens are once again the trend. With larger kitchens being built in new and remodeled homes, interior decorators face a problem on what to do with the space. Only so much of the space can be used for cooking.

Some interior designers have opted to used extra kitchen space as secondary eating space. Full or formal dining rooms are not always the perfect place to eat for today’s modern on-the-go family. Smaller, more casual eating nooks are often more ideal for quick breakfasts and lunch. One space-saving technique that designers have begun to take advantage of is the use of a bench dining table. These tables are also great for a primary dining table when you have a small dining-room or no-dining room at all.

A bench dining table features a table that is almost always wooden. While central pedestal tables or tables with inset legs work the best, they can also be of the four-corner leg design. The table, however, is not the outstanding feature of a bench dining table. The feature that makes it stand out is the seats and the seating arrangement. A bench dining room table, in place of two or more chairs will use a bench or several benches for seating.

A bench dining table can come in one of several styles that differ in how the bench or benches are designed and arranged. Some bench dining tables are standard in every way except for two chairs on one side of the table are a bench. In another similar style, all the chairs are replaced by two benches on the long sides of a rectangular table.

A final style that has seen an increase in popularity is the corner bench dining table. This style is extremely space-efficient. It uses a stationary L-shaped bench that fits in a corner of a room. These benches are usually more elaborate than the standard backless bench. They can have straight or molded backs that can be padded or unpadded. Some have intricate designs cut into the wood, and others have a flat finish. The long end of the L-shaped bench provides seating for one of the sides of the table, and the short end provides seating for one of the ends of the table. Another, one-piece bench or two standard chairs is usually used for seating on the other side.

The benches for a bench dining table are also available in many different styles, and they can be purchased separately from the table if you already own a table that you believe is adequate for bench seating. Benches can be purchased with or without backs. Some of the benches that have backs look like they are no more than two regular dining table chairs fused together. Some of them have six legs while others have five legs (3 rear, 2 front), or only four legs. The backs are usually open, just as the backs of most dining room chairs. They can have vertical slats, x-crossed slats, or even center padding. The seats of the bench are usually without padding, but some styles have very comfortable cushions.

A bench dining table can be very affordable or it can cost into the thousands. It all depends on the craftsmanship. Since these tables are made of wood, they can be intricately handcrafted. Machine-crafted tables and benches are usually cheaper than the handcrafted variety.

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