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California King Comforter - Buying a California King Comforter

inches bedding mattress standard

When it comes to buying bedding, the most difficulty many of us have is in choosing a color, design, or pattern. Sometimes, there is a question of fabric, material, or stuffing, but usually the problems end there. However, for some people, the difficulty comes in finding the correct size. This does not happen a lot because most people choose one of the standard sizes of beds that have become generally accepted throughout North America: twin, full, queen, and king. There are two sizes, though, that continue to cause a lot of problems for those who are simply trying to buy bedding. One is the Twin XL (extra-long), and the other is the California king. A simple trip to the store to buy a California king comforter can turn into quite an ordeal.

A California king comforter is made to fit a California king mattress, which has the same area as a standard king mattress (sometimes called an Eastern king), except it has different dimensions. A standard king mattress is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. In comparison, a California king mattress is 4 inches less wide at 72 inches but inches longer at 84 inches. A California king comforter must be able to conform to this difference.

Shopping for a California king comforter can be difficult anyplace except in a specialty retailer of bedding. Other stores will not carry this size. If you try to ask about it, many department store clerks will not understand what you are talking about because they have never heard of such a thing. They will generally direct you to the standard king bedding and if you try to ask about it, they will often tell you that the bedding will work for any type of king bed. In some cases, this is true. Some manufacturers of bedding do not differentiate between a king comforter and a California king comforter. Their king bedding is made sufficiently long enough for both types of kings. The biggest difference in the type of bed you use it for is that the sides will droop down longer on the California king, and the end will droop down longer on the standard king.

Not all manufacturers, however, create king bedding that is of sufficient size for both styles of king mattress. Some manufacturers create king bedding that can only be used for one specific style. If you try to use a regular king comforter on a California king mattress, you will discover that it is too short and does not extend to the foot of the bed. In these cases, you will have to see if they have a California king comforter for sale. Sometimes the manufacturer will produce a California king comforter, but the store does not stock it.

To make sure you are getting a proper-sized California king comforter, your best bet is to always get its exact dimensions. The minimum dimensions for a comforter that will fit are 86 inches wide by 101 inches long. Anything of this size or larger will work just fine. You rarely have to worry about the sides falling to the floor unless your mattress in on an extremely short frame or it sits directly on the floor. Anything up to 110 inches long by 96 inches wide should fit perfectly.

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over 6 years ago

Very informative post! Thanks. This will help me much since I just recently bought online a California King Comforter at www.kingcomforter.net.