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Piedmont Homes For Sale - Choosing Piedmont Homes for Sale

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Piedmont is a small town in California with a population of 10,481. It is located in Alameda County in the San Francisco Bay/Berkeley area and is surrounded on all sides by the city of Oakland, although it is toward the northeast portion of the city near East Bay Hills. The land that is now Piedmont was ranch land until parcels were sold in 1860 and 1870, when the Piedmont Springs Hotel was built. By 1901, a community had formed that was granted its own post office, and in 1907, residents turned down two propositions that would have made the community a part of Oakland. Instead they chose incorporation into the county as an independent town. Today, Piedmont is known as a small, but highly affluent residential town with a low crime-rate and excellent schools. In the past ten years it has been named on the 25 top-earning towns list and best places to live list by CNN, and by Forbes, it was named the number one best place to live in 2007.

Piedmont has 3,804 households living in a total of only 3,859 housing units. The market for Piedmont homes for sale is extremely tight. For those who have Piedmont homes for sale, this seller’s market is one of the best in the country. This market only has from 15 to 50 homes for sale at any one time, and the median selling price is well above the national average at $1.7 million. The average listing price of $1.9 million is a bit higher, but mostly inconsequential in this range. Piedmont homes for sale have largely been immune to the U.S. housing crises. The slight drop that occurred from 2006 to 2008 has long ago stabilized, but 10 to 15 houses find their way to foreclosure at any given time with a median selling price of $800,000. Considering all Piedmont homes for sale, the average price per square foot is $531.

The racial demographic of Piedmont shows that the city is primarily white and Asian with only a spattering of other races that includes 3% Latino and 1% African-American. As for age, the city is mostly composed of older, established adults with 48% of the population aged 45 and up. 30% are children, so that leaves only 22% between the ages of 18 and 45. 71% of households in Piedmont are composed of married couples. 18% of households are non-families. The median household income in the city is $134,270.

The economy of Piedmont is virtually non-existent. The city only has tiny retail and commercial districts. The owners of Piedmont homes rely on the surrounding communities of Oakland, San Francisco, and Berkeley for jobs, shopping, and entertainment. It does, however, have its own police force and fire departments, both of which are supported by Alameda County and Oakland in emergency situations.

Besides the affluent neighborhoods and large, luxury houses in the city, the public school system is a big attraction for prospective buyers of Piedmont homes for sale. The Piedmont Unified School District includes one high school, one alternative high school, one middle school, and three elementary schools. The district has one of the lowest drop-out rates and one of the highest college-bound rates of any district in the country. This is accomplished through parent dedication and higher tax rates for housing, which most residents see as a fair trade-off.

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