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Panasonic Plasma Wall Mount - Buying a Panasonic Plasma Wall Mount TV

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Buying a new TV can be an extremely exciting experience and a big household decision, so you want to make sure that you get it right. Comparing the pros and cons of LCD versus plasma TVs can be nerve-wrecking itself, but once you get past that choice, so many more choices open up. You must then decide on a brand, model, and size. While many people are opting to go for LCD TVs today, some swear by the plasma. If you are one of those who choose plasma over LCD, then Panasonic plasma wall mount TVs are a great starting point. Panasonic plasma wall mount TVs are available in a number of models that are considered at the forefront of the industry.

Panasonic first began operations in 1918 in Japan as a manufacturer of lamp sockets. After WWII, the company turned to home appliances and radios as their primary products. In 1961, the company made a deal to begin exporting televisions to the United States, and in the following years, they developed a reputation for producing quality television sets and other electronics. Having always kept up with the innovations of technology, the company made the choice to stop producing analog televisions altogether in 2006 to concentrate on the Panasonic plasma wall mount TVs that had begun to receive great reviews and do well on the market. Today, much of the company’s $79 billion in U.S. revenue is due to the sales of their plasma televisions.

Wall-mounting televisions was one of the initial marketing points used to sell plasma TVs. In the early days, it was simply a bragging point to say that you had a TV mounted to the wall. Later, TV stands became more prominent for plasma televisions because they were easier to install. During the intervening years, however, as new wall-mount brackets were developed, the means of display came to be used for its practical benefits.

A Panasonic plasma wall mount TV will clear up valuable floor space where your entertainment center once stood. A couple of well-placed wall shelves or a small slim-line floor stand can then be used for your various components, DVD/Blu-ray, and gaming consoles. This can drastically improve the looks of your room and open up a great deal of decorating options.

One reason wall-mounted TVs fell out of favor is because they were stationary and could not be rotated or angled to suit varying viewing situations. This was extremely important for early plasmas because the side-viewing angle was not as wide as it is for newer Panasonic wall mount TVs. Now, wall mounts are available that swing out from the wall with an arm or a scissors hinge that allows you to adjust the TV to different angles.

Several new series’ of Panasonic wall mount TVs are experiencing great sales and receiving high ratings. Here are some of the newest and best-selling series of Panasonic wall mount plasma TVs:

Viera S2 Series – This series of Panasonic plasma wall mount TVs is considered the flagship model for the company. It is the best-selling series and provides feature-rich viewing that is perfect for sporting events and cinematic movies. This series features 1080p resolution with NeoPDP technology for fast performance in delivering frames. Combined with Panasonic’s unique 600 Hz sub-field drive, even fast-motion scenes are sharp and clear. Screen sizes range from 42” ($849.95) to 65” ($2,599.95).

Viera U2 Series – The U2 series is popular for being the budget models of Panasonic plasma wall mount TVs. This series offers an outstanding picture quality that is on par with S2 series, but it has opted to omit a few features in exchange for affordability, such as an anti-reflective filter and a clean-touch bezel. These features should not make much of a difference for most people. The U2 series is available only in two sizes: 42” for $749.95 and 50” for $999.95.

Viera C2 Series – The C2 Series is the most economical of the new Panasonic plasma wall mount TVs. It has a lower resolution and drops a few more features from the set to saves you a few more dollars on the price. This series only has a 720p resolution instead of 1080p, but if you are going for the 42” screen, you will barely notice a difference. There is some difference with larger screens, but many people find the price trade-off to be worth it. This series has three screen sizes available: 42” for $599.95, 46” for $699.95, and 50” for $799.95.

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