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Buy Toshiba Laptops - Buy the Top Toshiba Laptops - Qosmio, Portege, Tecra

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Toshiba is known as one of the top manufacturers of laptop computers in the world. They have specialty laptops for every situation and budget. Whether you are a student, business professional, or gaming enthusiast, you can buy Toshiba laptops to suit your needs and more. If money is no object, there is no reason to stop you from buying the latest and greatest laptops that Toshiba offers.

Toshiba was founded back in 1939 as a manufacturer of telegraph equipment, industrial electric machines, and electric lamps. The name is an abbreviation of Tokyo Shibaura Denki. Toshiba was responsible for being the first Japanese company to manufacture microwave ovens, transistors TVs, word processors, and in 1986, the personal computer. Over the next few years consumers demanded to buy Toshiba laptops and the company expanded production. Today, you can buy Toshiba laptops from 20 models in 6 different lines.

The top Toshiba laptops are the ones made for gamers and business professionals. The student and everyday laptops tend to have fewer features and perform significantly lower than the top laptops. To buy Toshiba laptops of the highest quality you will want to look at these three lines: Qosmio, Portege, and Tecra.


If you want to buy Toshiba laptops in the Qosmio series, you are limited to one basic model, but what a model it is. Even though the X500 is the only model, it is available in a number of configurations. Each configuration is made for performance. It uses Intel i7 or i5 quad core processors that are the top-of-the-line in the computing world. It also features a dedicated graphics card made especially for performance laptops, the NVIDIA GeForce GTS 360M. With this combination of graphics and processing power, the Qosmio can take on the newest, most graphics-intense games and the top graphic-rendering business software. To make the experience even better, this laptop has Dolby Home Theater audio and a Blu-ray disc player. The screen is 18.4” diameter and there are several optional components available such as an LED backlit keyboard and a solid state drive. The Qosmio starts at $1,199.99.


The Portege is the series if you want to buy Toshiba laptops that are state-of-the-art business machines that can be taken anywhere. These ultra-portables laptops come in two models. The M780 has a 21.1” screen and the R700 has a 13.3” screen. You would not think such a small laptop could be so powerful. They have Intel Core Duo or Quad processors, LED backlit displays, optical drives (DVD or Blu-ray), and solid state drives for fast loading. The real innovation in the Portege, however, is its style. These convertible laptops have multi-hinged swivel screen that can rotate in any direction and they can even fold back down on top of the base with the screen side up to become a touchscreen tablet PC. With one of these laptops, you will be the envy of all your peers. Even though it is thicker than the Apple iPad, the Portege’s features are well beyond the iPad’s capabilities. The R700 starts at $889.99, and the M780 starts at $1,279.00.


The Tecra is Toshiba’s premiere line of business laptops. They have high-resolution displays that come in a different size for each of the two models in this series. The M11 has a 14” widescreen and the A11 has a 15.6” widescreen. All Tecra laptops have new Intel Core CPUs released in 2010 or later. These laptops are not only fast and reliable, but they are durable, so they can take the punishment that business equipment often goes through to meet the demands of work. Features include a dedicated 10-key numeric pad, a stylish textured finish, and fingerprint reader security. The A11 starts at $879.00, and the M11 starts at $899.00.

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