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Home For Sale In Florida - Buying a Home for Sale in Florida

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Florida has one of the most dynamic housing markets of any state in the country. Because of its appealing climate and prominence as a winter residence, builders have gone overboard in most locations, making housing abundant and relatively affordable. Whether you are looking for a beach house, a condominium on the shore, or a single-family home inland, you are sure to find a home for sale in Florida to meet your needs and your budget.

If you are serious about buying a home for sale in Florida, you will want to work with a licensed real estate agent. An experienced agent will know the ins and outs not only of the market, but of the local community as well. Some prospective home buyers, having had a bad experience in the past, or sometimes having had no experience at all, are afraid to work with real estate agents, but you should know that a proper real estate agent has obligations to home buyers that are enforced by law. They must be honest with you about all properties and other information, they must keep your personal information confidential, they must present any offers you make in timely manner, and they must answer all of your questions accurately.

Before you look for a real estate agent, you should gather information about a few communities in which you would like the home to be located. There are three major regions in Florida to consider:

Gulf Coast
Florida’s Gulf Coast is the west coast of the state on the Gulf of Mexico. It is a large area that is composed of the panhandle in the north, the central bend, and the lower Gulf Coast. The northern cities will give you the best price on a home for sale in Florida. These cities include Pensacola and Panama City. Most of the area on the bend is uninhabitable due to large areas of swamp and marsh. The south edge of the bend, however begins to mix up small towns, state parks, and National Wildlife refuges. The Tampa Bay area is one of the most popular of the Gulf Coast areas in which to find a home for sale in Florida. Clearwater and St. Petersburg have a lot of homes of all types for sale. Tampa also has many different communities and subdivisions for all economic levels. Going south from Tampa Bay opens up into retirement community territory, with slow, quiet communities such as Sarasota, Venice, and Naples.

Atlantic Coast
The Atlantic Coast of Florida can be split up into north and south Florida regions. Most are known for being beach vacation destinations. Jacksonville, the largest city in Florida, is in the north, while Daytona Beach is a popular city on the Northern Atlantic Coast. Buying a home for sale in the mid-Florida Atlantic Coast will assure good prices, but the choices are not so spectacular. Once you get into Southern Florida, Palm Beach and Boca Raton are full of luxury homes that are out of the price range of many buyers. Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and the many communities in between have a little bit of everything: Beach condos, town houses, single-family homes, duplexes, mobile homes, and much more. Some are affordable and others can be in the millions. A lot depends on the exact neighborhood and size of the home, but sometimes prices are dependent on reputation alone.

Central Florida
Central Florida is inland Florida, and except for the Orlando area, is mostly occupied by working-class full-time residents. Gainesville in the north, Ocala, Lakeland, and Okeechobee are all such cities. Orlando, of course, is a high-traffic resort area. Many homes and condos in the Orlando area are timeshares or winter residences. Many in-house salespeople for these homes can be very aggressive and care should be taken not to enter into any agreement too quickly.

Once you find a home you believe is suitable, you will want to have it inspected by a third-party home inspector/appraiser before you sign a purchase agreement. Because of Florida’s high-humidity, wooden structures are subject to rapid deterioration if not properly cared for. Some purchase agreements will have a home inspection clause in them that allows you to back out if certain conditions are not met. It is always a good idea to have a property attorney look over an agreement and a home inspection report.

Once you agree to the purchase, the process is straight-forward and not unlike buying a home in any other area. You will be required to pay a number of closing costs in addition to the selling price of the home. These costs can include:

  • Appraisal
  • Credit report fee
  • Inspection
  • Mortgage insurance
  • Assumption
  • Broker fee
  • Document prep
  • Underwriting
  • Escrow
  • Title fee
  • Recording fee
  • Surveying
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