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West Bend Slow Cookers - Comparing West Bend Slow Cookers

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While there has been a return to home-cooked meals as people seek healthier and tastier foods, there has been little change in the time most people have to prepare a wholesome meal. In order to accommodate a changing preference for eating at home, many people have returned to old cooking technology that had once been nearly abandoned for microwave ovens. Slow cookers and crock pots are making a comeback for several reasons, and one of the most popular brands are West Bend slow cookers. West Bend slow cookers are in good shape to take the number one spot in sales, if they have not done so already in this competitive market.

The West Bend Company was founded back in 1911 in West Bend, Wisconsin after a fire destroyed the town’s biggest employer, a pocketbook factory. Young Entrepreneur Bernhardt Ziegler got together with 6 investors who decided that an aluminum cookware company may help revitalize the town and provide jobs for residents. West Bend experienced rapid growth, but nothing could have prepared them for the success of a new product they released in 1921, the waterless cooker.

The design for the waterless cooker would later be used for electric West Bend slow cookers, a revolutionary product that cooked foods in their own juices over a long period of time. By 1980, West Bend was the number two manufacturer of slow cookers and today, they are prepared to take over the number one spot.

Sales of West Bend Slow cookers have benefited from a resurgence in slow cooker use. Many people have turned to slow cookers, citing the following advantages:

  • Flavor – The natural flavors of foods are enriched by the extended cooking times.
  • Simplicity – Preparing foods in slow cookers is simple and the low cooking temperatures prevent burning and scorching.
  • Space – Since a slow cooker is self-contained the oven and range are free for other foods.
  • Time – Preparing foods in a slow cooker does not require your attention. Just put in the food, season, and turn on in the morning or afternoon for dinner to be ready in the evening.

West Bend slow cookers are one specific category that is differentiated from crockery cookers. Crockery cookers use an enameled or porcelain cooking pot, while slow cookers cook in an aluminum pot. There are currently three basic models of West Bend slow cookers being manufactured and marketed in the United States:

5-Quart Oblong Slow Cooker
The 5-quart West Bend Slow Cooker operates at 210 Watts, 120 volts. It features an adjustable temperature control and an oblong cooking pot with a non-stick interior. The pot rests in a base that also has a non-stick surface and can double as a griddle. List price is $56.99

6-Quart Oval Versatility Slow Cooker
The 6-quart oval Versatility slow cooker comes in either high-polished stainless steel or black-finished steel. The double-handled pot and glass lid can be used on the cooker base, on the range, or in the oven. It can additionally be stored in the refrigerator or freezer, and it is dishwasher safe. The oval pot is large enough for a whole chicken. The base has an adjustable temperature control. Settings include warm, low, medium, and high. A lift-out rack is also included. It operates at 270 Watts. List price is $99.99.

6-Quart Versatility Cooker
The 6-Quart Versatility Cooker is the newest of the West Bend Slow Cookers. The stylish oblong cooking pan also doubles as a serving dish. The heating base features a digital display and push-button control with four settings: warm, lo, hi, and griddle. The control is also programmable so exact cooking times can be entered before automatically switching to warm. After 24-hours, the cooker turns itself completely off. The cooking pan and glass lid are both dishwasher safe. The unit operates at 275 Watts, and has a list price of only $69.99.

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