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Rubbermaid Storage Container - Types of Rubbermaid Storage Products - Rubbermaid Storage Containers for Food, Other Rubbermaid Storage Containers

Household Rubbermaid Storage Containers

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Rubbermaid is one of the most well known brands for storage, cleaning, and home organization products. This company, which traces it roots back to 1920 with the founding of the Wooster Rubber Company in Wooster, Ohio, was purchased by the Newell corporation for over $6 billion in 1999. Rubbermaid currently makes household products ranging from coolers to cleaning supplies. Many families, however, rely on Rubbermaid storage containers for organization and food storage.

Rubbermaid Storage Containers for Food

Rubbermaid has a wide variety of food storage containers. One of their most popular food storage container lines is the TakeAlong line. These smaller containers are perfects for packing lunches for school or work. These products are available in sizes from about 2 cups to 1 gallon, so, along with packing a lunch, they can be used for storing left overs or even holiday cookies. They come with sealed lids designed for easy stacking and can be purchased both online and in retail stores. A 76 piece set of TakeAlong storage containers retails for about $20.

Another popular line of Rubbermaid storage containers for food is the Premier line. The pieces in this line, which can be purchased as a 12 piece set for about $18, are made with odor-resistant Tritan plastic and come with Rubbermaid’s “Easy Find” lid system so that one lid will work with many bases. The Premier line pieces are also designed for easy and space-saving stacking. The pieces in this set range in volume from 1.25 cups to 14 cups.

Several other Rubbermaid food storage containers are also available, including the bulk line, designed for storing larger quantities of food, and the Produce Saver line, which is specially designed to increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

Other Rubbermaid Storage Containers

In addition to the many food storage options that the company makes, Rubbermaid also has a number of storage containers for other household use. The Roughneck and the Roughneck Clear storage bin lines, which retail for about $10 to $20 per tote, are perfect for storing seasonal decorations and clothes or other household products that you need to store. These bins are made of durable shatter resistant plastic and come in sizes ranging from 14 gallons to 50 gallons.

If you are looking for a Rubbermaid storage container for your tools, then the ActionPacker Cargo Box is probably the best product. This storage box, which comes in sizes ranging from 8 to 48 gallons, is made with heavy duty plastic and built in lock down latches. The retail price for this tote ranges from $50 to $100.

Finally, Rubbermaid’s newest storage container line is the Clever Store line. These storage bins are made with straighter angles than the usual curved look of a storage bin, resulting in 14% more storage space than similarly sized containers. These bins are available in sizes of 18, 21, and 36 gallons and can usually be found for about $12 to $25.

Whether you are looking for a small container for storing your leftover pot roast or a heavy duty storage container for your tools, you should be able to find a Rubbermaid storage container that meets your needs.

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