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Lifetime Folding Table - A Lifetime Folding Table for Every Occasion

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Hosting special occasions at home often means having more guests than space, but no one enjoys an event with standing room only. To get us through these times we often rely on folding tables and chairs. The problem is that many folding tables just do not stand up to our events year-after-year. They rust. One leg seems to have somehow shortened, causing a wobble. Fabric or padded surfaces get ripped. They warp. No matter which malady your folding tables befall, they become embarrassing or impossible to use. To solve these problems, many have turned to a Lifetime folding table.

The Lifetime Company began in 1972 with the founder’s efforts to create a sturdy pole for his basketball hoop. He was so impressed with his result, he formed the American PlayWorld company in 1973 out of his garage where he developed more playground equipment. In 1986, fearing he was losing sight of his original goal, he created a separate company that was to focus only on basketball equipment named Lifetime Products, but soon, his merging of durable plastics and metals was found to be perfect for tables and chairs. Today, Lifetime folding tables are the best-selling in their category, and the company has 1,500 employees working in 2.6 million square foot complex of 21 separate buildings.

No matter your occasion, event, or situation, there is a Lifetime folding table to meet your needs. Indeed, some of their specialty models are specifically made for everyday use. Others use a Lifetime folding table for home-based work such as remodeling or painting because they are so durable. Their patented technology not only makes them durable, but lightweight and portable.

The Lifetime folding table design uses a high-density polyethylene for their surface that is both stronger and lighter than wood or metal. To make the tables suitable for outdoor use, the polyethylene plastic is treated with UV protection to resist sun discoloration and cracking. In addition, the steel frame and legs resist rusting with powder-coating. The plastic surfaces are also specially-made for stain-resistance, so they are always easy to clean, and they never need resurfacing, staining, or painting. Finally, Lifetime tables fold for easy storage. Many of the tables not only have fold-up legs, but the table itself folds in on itself and the legs fold into a self-standing storage mode.

There is a Lifetime folding table for every occasion because they are available in a number of attractive, yet functional designs.

Seminar Tables – Seminar tables are long and narrow to fit in conference rooms, training rooms, or even hallways. They come in 6-foot and 8-foot designs. Both feature light-gray surfaces, and are priced at $99.99 and $149.99, respectively.

Banquet Tables – Banquet tables are made in both round and rectangular designs. The rectangular tables range in length from 42-inches ($49.99) to 8 feet ($169.99). Round tables are 48-inches ($109.99) to 72-inches ($321.99). They come in white, pearl, almond, or gray, and are available in standard or professional grade.

Square Tables – Square tables are available in the standard card-table size. Each side is 37-inches long. They are available in white or almond for $79.99.

Round Tables – Round tables are available in the standard banquet designs that range in size from 48-inches to 72-inches. They are also available in a picnic-table design with 3 swing-out benches for $239.99.

Specialty Tables – Specialty tables come in a variety of styles. Some have expanding legs for adjustable heights. Other specialty tables include personal tables with scissor-legs in white or black, folding picnic tables, bistro tables, and sport tables with two benches that come in hunter green.

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