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Invicta Automatic Watches - Choosing Invicta Automatic Watches

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Although they have been around for 150 years, Invicta is one of the fastest-growing new manufacturers of men’s watches in the industry. It is fair to label them as new because at one time, the company was all but extinct. Never having formally disbanded, the company pulled together a few years back in a massive reorganization effort that has once again brought Invicta automatic watches to the forefront of market. Depending on who you talk to, a variety of adjectives are thrown around to describe Invicta automatic watches: many, stylish, classic, big, modern, and revolutionary are just a few.

Invicta, Latin for “invincible” was founded in La Chaux-de-fonds, Switzerland in 1837. The vision of founder Raphael Picard was to make quality timepieces that could be afforded by the general public. The watches were designed by the Picard family and manufactured by hand in a small workshop. While the company never took off like some luxury Swiss watch brands, it had steady sales and was popular with the middle and lower-middle classes. In the 1970’s, though, the market was overrun by Japanese quartz watches, and Invicta was all but forgotten.

In the 1990s, Picard family members revitalized the company, modernizing their watch designs and marketing them in several brands. Today, Invicta has several collections in these brands:
Activa watches are known for being ultra-affordable and trendy. They are made with quality materials including stainless steel and genuine leather.

Poseidon watches have an aquatic theme but work just as well on land as at sea. They are exclusively sold by ShopNBC.

After their workshop was destroyed in an earthquake, the Italian watchmakers Potger and Pietri licensed Invicta to carry on their designs. These watches are rugged, durable, and affordable.

S. Coifman
These timepieces are slimmer than the usual Invicta automatic watches, making them perfect for special occasions.

Many people do not understand the full genius of Invicta automatic watches. Invicta automatic watches are differentiated from other types because they do not run on batteries nor do they ever need winding. Invicta automatic watches use 130 moving parts that use a specialized gear mechanism that automatically winds the tension spring through the natural movements of your wrist. While there are Japanese-made automatic watches, Invicta automatic watches, being of the Swiss variety are considered to be far superior.

Automatic watches are also known as self-winding watches. As you move your arm, the gear train uses sensitive springs to store the energy that then gets transmitted through the escapement to the balance wheel, which is responsible for the steady movement necessary for accurate timekeeping.

One of the most popular series’ of Invicta automatic watches is the Pro Diver series. Pro Diver watches feature a large-faced, classic design in several styles and band choices. They feature either 21-jewel automatic movement or Swiss chronograph automatic movement and can function submerged to depths of 300 feet. This series of Invicta automatic watches has been compared to both Rolex and Omega watches, which sell for thousands of dollars more. The polished stainless steel used on many of the Pro Diver series watches is likened to a platinum finish. They have a list price averaging at $500, but can sometimes be found from online retailers for under $100.

Another popular series of Invicta automatic watches is the Russian Diver series. The Russian Diver watches are known for being some of the largest of Invicta watches, at up to 52mm. The Russian Diver watches have a black face with a stainless steel, canteen-style case. These watches also feature a screw-cap crown and chain, and an adjustable buckle band. Numbers are Arabic, with the Russian Diver logo and day at 12 o’clock. They are water-resistant to 330 feet. They list for $445 to $995 but can be found from online watch retailers for under $200.

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