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Hollywood Florida Homes - Choosing Hollywood, Florida Homes for Sale

city south offers schools

Hollywood, Florida is large city in South Florida with a population of 141,740. It is located in Broward County between Ft. Lauderdale to the north and Miami about 20 miles south. This location makes it a central part of the South Florida metro area, home to 5.4 million residents. Hollywood was established by city planner Joseph Young who first came to the area in 1920 with the intention of founding a city. His vision included a main east-west boulevard extending from the Atlantic Ocean to the Everglades with separate districts for different purposes, a precursor of zoning laws which had to become popularized. Young was from Southern California and he chose the name in emulation of the California city. In 1925, Hollywood, Florida was officially incorporated as a city, but it did not experience tremendous growth until the 1950s and 1960s. Today, Hollywood is known as a part of a large and vibrant international culture of both business and leisure.

There are 59,673 households in Hollywood occupying 68,426 total housing units. The large discrepancy in resident-occupied Hollywood, Florida homes is due to two factors: a large number of “snowbirds” who live in the city in the winter but list their residency in other areas of the country and a large number of investment properties. Anywhere from 5,000 to 6,000 Hollywood, Florida homes remain listed on the market at any one time. The median value of homes for sale in Hollywood, Florida is $170,000. The city was hit hard by the mortgage crises of 2006, with property values falling from a high of $295,000. The area has yet to recover, and 3,000 to 3,200 homes are on the foreclosure list. The median selling price of foreclosure homes is $139,000. Including all homes for sale in Hollywood, Florida, the average price per square foot is $107.

Hollywood, California homes are occupied by an extremely diverse population with ethnicities from all over the world, including Latin America and Europe. Of the households in the city, 42% are married, and the same percentage are non-families. 34% of households are individuals. The age of residents is very evenly divided with 38% aged 18 to 44 and 40% aged 45 and over. The median household income is well-below the national average at only $10,714.

Hollywood, Florida homes for sale include a variety of styles in a number of settings. Most high-priced homes are upscale condominiums on the beach. Some of the most popular high-rise condos in the city include the following:

Diplomat – This 28-story luxury condo was built in 2007. Units are spacious and pricey, but offer many amenities such as 24-hour concierge, pool, spa, gym, and tennis courts.

Trump Hollywood – It took awhile for this new Trump building to be completed, but now that it is done, it offers great Hollywood, Florida homes for those who can afford them.

Ocean Palms of Hollywood – This building was completed in 2006. It offers 240 units, all with ocean views.

Villa of Positano Hollywood – The new condo offers luxury units with fantastic ocean views.

The economy of Hollywood, Florida is primarily based on tourism and service. The Seminole tribe recently opened a large Hard Rock resort and casino which offers employment to a large number of residents. Besides tourism, Hollywood is part of the large and vibrant international business market of South Florida. Jobs are available in a number of sectors that include manufacturing, distribution, importing, and exporting.

Transportation in Hollywood benefits from a system of wide main streets and numerous smaller residential roads, but like all of South Florida, traffic is heavy. I-95 runs north/south through the city and I-595, just to the north, provides a westerly route to I-75 through the Everglades to Naples, before turning north into Tampa and beyond. Hollywood is also the location of the second-largest of three South Florida International airports.

Public education for residents in Hollywood, Florida homes is served by the Broward County Public School District. There are 13 public elementary schools, 4 middle schools, and 3 high schools in the city. There are also over 20 private schools in Hollywood.

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