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How To Clean Laptop Screen - Tips on How to Clean a Laptop Screen - Start with a can of compressed air, Use a cotton cloth

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Figuring out the best way how to clean a laptop screen can be a bit troublesome. Fingerprints can make a laptop very difficult to use, and you cannot use any traditional cleaners to clean it. In fact, always avoid using household chemical cleaners to clean a laptop screen because these products can destroy the computer. Some products can even leave white marks or streaks on the screen. Even plain tap water can be very damaging to the laptop screen, and you also have to be careful what kind of cloth is used on it. Here’s a look at all of the important tips and tricks for how to clean a laptop screen.

Start with a can of compressed air

Before you begin learning how to clean a laptop screen, make sure that the computer you are cleaning is unplugged and turned off. Then before you even do any kind of cleaning on the laptop, it is important to spray the screen off with a can of compressed air. This may seem like a very simple step, but it is extremely important because all of those dust particles you are trying to clean off can actually damage the screen if you grind them in with a cloth. Spray any loose particles off before you start wiping. You will not be able to see most of these loose particles, but this step will ensure that nothing scratches the screen while you clean it.

Use a cotton cloth

After clearing the dust particles off of the laptop screen, you will then use a piece of cloth that is 100 percent cotton. Usually an old t-shirt works perfectly for this job. Just check the label to make sure that it is 100 percent cotton. Never use tissues, paper towels, or other similar paper cloths because they have wood fibers in them, which can cause fine scratches on the laptop screen.

Make your own cleaner

It is also very important that you make your own cleaner. Usually a good mixture is half distilled water and half white vinegar. This mixture is very mild but will still get the job done. Make sure to mix it very thoroughly. Next, wet the piece of cotton cloth with the mixture. Do not drown the cloth in it, just make sure that the cloth is moist with the mixture. Then just wipe the face of the screen. If there is dirt in the corners and the ridges around the edge of the screen, dip a cotton swab in the mixture and clean out the ridges. After you wipe the entire face of the laptop down with the mixture, then use another dry cotton cloth to wipe it off.

Other tips for how to clean a laptop screen

If you come across a fingerprint that is especially hard to get off, just spend some extra time rubbing on it. Do not press harder, or it is likely that you will damage the screen. If you are not comfortable making your own cleaner, then there are some laptop screen cleaners that work very well. Just remember that you will probably pay far more for those cleaners than you will if you make your own.

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