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Immigration Of Canada - Important Facts about Immigration of Canada - Skilled Workers, Canadian Experience Class, Investors or Entrepreneurs, Nomination

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Immigration of Canada is certainly a big step and an exciting one for many people who choose to do it. There are several different ways for immigration of Canada to come about. The most common way to immigrate to Canada is to move as a skilled worker or with the intent to start your own business. In general, you must have a skilled profession in order to immigrate to Canada. Here is a breakdown of the most common ways for immigration of Canada.

Skilled Workers

Many people who want to immigrate to Canada do so as a skilled worker. This means they are selected based on their skills, work experience, and education. Skilled workers do have to take a language proficiency test to ensure that they are fluent in English or French, depending on what kind of skill they have and whether they are applying to work in the province of Quebec or in the rest of Canada. Quebec is separate from the rest of the country in this aspect because it is responsible for hiring its own federal workers. In addition to the language test, the worker must have an offer of employment or a year of continuous full time work experience in one of a selection of fields. Canada’s immigration website has a full list of those fields that are accepting skilled workers for immigration. Work experience must be managerial, professional, or technical or skilled, and it must have happened in the last 10 years. Workers must also show the financial ability to be able to support themselves after they immigrate. Click here for an application package to apply for immigration of Canada as a skilled worker.

Canadian Experience Class

Another option for immigration of Canada is to apply after living in Canada for a while as a student or foreign worker. This option only applies for those who will be living in Canada but outside Quebec. The application must be submitted while the immigrant is still working or studying in Canada or within a year after completing the work or studies there. People who apply under this option also have to pass a language proficiency test for French or English. Click here for an application package to apply for immigration to Canada under this option.

Those who live in Quebec will have to apply under Quebec’s skilled worker provision for immigration.

Investors or Entrepreneurs

Anyone who wants to own or manage a business in Canada must invest C$400,000 and fall into one of three categories: investors, entrepreneurs, or self-employed. Only one application for one of the three categories can be submitted. Also sometimes the government temporarily stops immigration for one or more of the categories under this option, so check the citizenship website to find out the details and whether immigrants are being accepted in any of these categories. The government will update the site as soon as this status changes.


The final way to become a Canadian citizen is as either a provincial nominee or through a sponsor. The provincial nominee program can allow skilled workers and professionals to immigrate to individual provinces based on their skills and education. The list of which provinces are accepting new applications and nominating new skilled workers is constantly changing. Click here for the updated list and to find out how to apply as a provincial nominee.

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