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Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket - The Best Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket - Coffee Lovers Care Package, San Francisco Bay Coffee Gourmet Gift Basket

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Ordering a gourmet coffee gift basket may be more easily said than done. There are so many different varieties of coffee that is extremely different to figure out which ones to include in a gift basket. Also some coffee lovers like to have a small treat or cookie with their coffee, while others prefer to just enjoy the coffee for what it is by itself.

There are so many different taste preferences among coffee lovers that choosing a gourmet coffee gift basket is even somewhat difficult for them. However, it is incredibly hard for those who do not even like coffee. Just remember that most gourmet coffee baskets sell for right around $40, so if the price is a lot higher than that, look at the basket carefully and try to figure out why. Here’s a look at the top gift baskets for gourmet coffee lovers.

Coffee Lovers Care Package

Any coffee lover would love to get the Coffee Lovers Care Package, which is available from Amazon or Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets. This gourmet coffee gift basket retails for about $40, and it even comes with a coffee cup. The basket is filled with premium coffees and small goodies that go well with coffee. Customers who have either given or received the Coffee Lovers Care Package say that the coffees and extras included in this package are wonderful. They say that the cup that is included in the basket is very high quality, and the coffees are special brews that most coffee lovers will really enjoy.

San Francisco Bay Coffee Gourmet Gift Basket

For the coffee lover who is very strict about her coffee and not necessarily interested in little extra munchies to go with coffee, the San Francisco Bay Coffee Gourmet Gift Basket is a great choice. This basket also comes with a mug and includes coffees that are 100 percent Arabica coffee. There are five different flavors of coffee included in this basket. They are French Roast, Fog Chaser, Breakfast Blend, Colombian, and French Vanilla. This gourmet coffee gift basket also retails for around $40. This basket is also available on Amazon, or it can be purchased right from the San Francisco Bay Coffee Company.

Warm Thanks

Coffee lovers who think of their brew as an exquisite treat will enjoy the Warm Thanks basket from Great Arrivals. This basket comes with an assortment of flavored coffees and cookies. The only thing to keep in mind with this basket is the fact that the packaging and treats are geared more toward being a thank you gift. Shoppers who are looking for a basket for a holiday or birthday present would probably do better to order one of the other two baskets. However, a thank you for a coffee drinker could not be warmer than this basket, which comes with a thank you balloon and coffee mug. This basket can also be purchased on Amazon, and it retails for about $50. The thank you theme and balloon that comes with this basket are probably the reason for the higher price.

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