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Exterior Home Lighting - Exterior Home Lighting Ideas - Solar Lighting, Low Voltage Lighting, Motion Sensors and Timers

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Exterior home lighting is very important for a variety of reasons. Of course it is important for you to be able to see when you arrive home at night, but also having your home light up makes it look bright and inviting. Exterior home lighting is much more than just putting up one light outside your house and then forgetting about it, but you also do not want to overdo your exterior home lighting by using too many lights. The key is to find the right balance and the right mix of lights.

Solar Lighting

If you live in an especially dark neighborhood where there are very few lights, then you will probably need quite a few exterior lights. The easiest way to have plenty of light outside your home is to purchase energy efficient exterior lights. Most energy efficient lights are solar, which means they charge during the day and light up at night. One very popular idea for exterior home lighting in extremely dark neighborhoods is a series of solar lights along the front walk. These lights are wonderful because they do not cost any money to operate.

Low Voltage Lighting

The one problem some people have with solar lights is that they do tend to be a little dimmer than some of the other outdoor lights. Most outdoor lights that actually use electricity are low voltage, which means that they will still be very inexpensive to use. Low voltage lighting is usually a great option for brighter lights, and these lights can even be used with motion sensors and timers. In some cases fluorescent lights can be a good addition to a low voltage lighting setup.

Motion Sensors and Timers

Another energy efficient way to light the outside of your home involves lights with motion sensors on them. These are great for security because they light up the outside of your home as soon as someone gets near it. They also help when you arrive home at night because they turn on as soon as you pull in the driveway. You do not have to worry about forgetting to leave the light on because it just comes on with a little bit of movement near the light. Every home should have a light with a motion sensor on it for security purposes.

If you enjoy lighting up your landscaping for dramatic effect, then make sure to use a timer with the lights. A timer will ensure that the lights come on at a specific time and then turn off at a certain time. Timers make sure that the lights are not on for an extensive period of time, draining your wallet in the process. Also make sure not to overdo it with the decorative lighting. This is the one place some people spend too much time and money. Usually one or two lights is enough, even for the most beautiful landscaping.

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